Understanding Children


Our children are our most precious possession, and we have to take care of their mental and behavioral health as well as their physical health. Children's spiritual development is critical to their strong and healthy development. However, as children continue their journey through life, just like adults, they may sometimes encounter problems that they cannot cope with on their own. Moreover, when they experience these problems, they may not be able to express themselves adequately like adults. At this stage, the professional support of the child and the family will help prevent more serious problems that may occur in the future.


Academic Hospital's Child Psychiatry Department


With our expert staff, we provide psychological support to children and families in need, opening the door to a healthy life. From infancy to the age of 18, we are there for all children and their families when they need support.


A Roadmap to Behavioral Health


In cases of mental health problems in children, when families require professional help, expert and experienced staff stand by them by developing a solution-oriented approach.


In Child Psychiatry Department, counselling and treatment services are offered for pre-schoolers and adolescents, considering that each has different characteristics.


When should I consult a child psychiatrist?


There is no need to experience a problem to apply to child psychiatry specialists. Even if the child does not have any psychological problems, sometimes parents can still apply just for a follow-up on the child's healthy development or for consultation about what they can do to guide their children correctly.


Disorders and conditions treated by Child Psychiatry Department:

  • Compatibility issues
  • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
  • Autism
  • Learning difficulties (dyslexia, etc.)
  • Retardation
  • Speech disorders
  • Depression
  • School phobia
  • Exam anxiety
  • Social phobia, introversion
  • Incompatibility with peers
  • Eating disorders
  • Separation of mother and father
  • Sibling jealousy
  • Tic problem, nail biting
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Depression, anxiety, anxiety disorder, obsessions
  • Toilet problems (incontinence, constipation, etc.)
  • Problems with puberty and sexuality
  • Internet and computer addiction

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