Why are oral and dental health important?


We all want our teeth to look beautiful, healthy, and natural. Having good-looking teeth can contribute to regaining self-confidence and making you feel happier. However, oral and dental health is not only important for looks but also for the overall health of the body. Bad oral and dental health may cause psychological and social problems and weaken communication and social relationships.


Bad oral and dental health is a sign of disease.


Oral and dental health, which are critical for overall body health, can also be a sign of several diseases. Having bad oral and dental health can invite several serious health issues, from infection to heart disease and cancer to digestion issues.


Regular check-ups for oral and dental health


In addition to measures such as hygiene, dental care, regular brushing, flossing, and healthy eating, regular dental examinations are also of great importance for oral and dental health, which directly affects psychological and physical health. Early diagnosis of problems such as gum diseases, caries, and tooth loss is the most basic step in maintaining oral and dental health. Therefore, it is good to see the dentist at least twice a year. If you have any issues relating to oral and dental health, you should get the necessary treatments from a dentist without waiting.


Academic Hospital's Oral and Dental Health Department


For oral and dental health, it is necessary to prefer fully equipped health institutions and professional dentists with experience in the field. Academic Hospital's Oral and Dental Health Department is always there for the patients that want to get oral and dental care services from competent dentists with modern and technological techniques.


Oral and Dental Treatments should be personalized for each patient.


At Academic Hospital's Oral and Dental Health Department, the treatment of dental and gum diseases, orthodontic treatments, jaw surgeries, periodontic treatment, and conservative and endodontic treatments are specially planned for each patient.


Innovative Dental Techniques


A wide range of services are provided. Innovative dentistry practices are supported by the latest technologies carried out in the fields of aesthetic smile design, implant treatments, and jaw surgery. Patients have the opportunity to receive oral and dental health services in a fully equipped, reliable hospital.


Practices at Academic Hospital's Oral and Dental Health Department:


  • Dental and gum aesthetic treatments
  • Smile design, implants, and prosthetic treatments
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Orthodontic treatments, jaw surgery
  • Conservative and endodontic treatments
  • Pedodontics (paediatric oral and dental health) treatments are performed.




The branch of dentistry that examines the health and diseases of teeth and the tissues surrounding them is called periodontology. Inflammatory diseases that occur in the surrounding tissues of teeth due to various reasons are called periodontal diseases. It is stated that periodontal diseases cause 70% of tooth loss in adults. Dental and periodontal diseases can create problems that range from a simple gum infection (gingivitis) to severe infections with tooth loss. When these diseases are diagnosed early, they can be treated easily and successfully. For example, gum bleeding that occurs when brushing may also be a symptom of gum disease. Therefore, it is recommended that you not ignore your regular dental examinations and go to the dentist every six months. Academic Hospital's Oral and Dental Health Department offers a wide range of services in the diagnosis and treatment of dental and gum diseases. At our hospital, tartar removal, cleaning of the surfaces on the roots of the teeth, treatment of receding gums and bleeding gums, sensitive teeth diagnosis, and bad breath treatment are performed by our periodontists.


Cosmetic dentistry:

Today, having nice, healthy, and natural-looking teeth is very important. Having good-looking teeth can contribute to regaining self-confidence and making you feel more peaceful in public. Cosmetic dentistry applications are performed in cases such as the presence of gaps between the teeth, crooked teeth, yellowing teeth, and not having a smile in the desired shape. Situations where the smile aesthetics are not good enough can cause people to feel unhappy and isolate themselves from society. Situations that disrupt smile aesthetics can be corrected thanks to cosmetic dentistry practices. In addition, applications such as whitening treatments, composite or porcelain laminates, porcelain veneers, and gum grafting are applied by cosmetic dentists. With the cosmetic dentistry practices applied at Academic Hospital's Oral and Dental Health Department, patients get to have a nice, attractive smile and healthy teeth and feel psychologically and physically much better about themselves.


Crooked teeth that can create problems both cosmetically and for chewing foods, inconsistency of the upper and lower jaws, and teeth problems that affect the closing of the mouth are included in orthodontics. Dentists who specialize in orthodontics, which is a branch of dentistry, are called orthodontists. Crooked teeth create serious problems, especially for a cosmetic smile. Inconsistencies between teeth and jaws also disrupt the facial aesthetic and cause chewing problems. All these issues are corrected with the treatment colloquially known as braces. The general opinion about it being a paediatric treatment is wrong, and it can be applied at all ages. This orthodontic treatment is successfully applied at Academic Hospital's Oral and Dental Health department.

Maxillofacial surgery:

Surgical interventions for teeth and jaw fractures, implant treatments, buried teeth operations, the treatment of cysts and lesions on jaw bones, as well as treatments that include jaw bones and joints, are performed by specialists.

Methods such as bone powder (graft), sinus lifting, and apical resection are applied in the treatment of these diseases, as well as the treatment of jaw fractures; in short, all surgical applications related to the mouth are performed. In addition, the treatment of tumor or cyst formations occurring in the mouth (bones, palate, teeth, tongue, cheek, lip, and muscles) is carried out by specialists in the field. Throughout this process, local anaesthesia is administered to the patient.


Endodontic therapies, commonly known as "canal therapy," are critical to oral and dental health. Pulp tissue, where nerves and veins are located in the teeth, can sometimes be damaged by factors such as caries or trauma. Failure to treat pulp diseases caused by damage to this tissue and causing serious pain can cause serious health problems such as tooth loss and lesions on the tooth roots. In order to protect oral and dental health, the root canal treatment applied for the cleaning of these pulps should not be neglected, and a specialist physician should be consulted in this field before it is too late.


Regular dental examinations and awareness-raising activities carried out as children are of great importance in maintaining oral and dental health, which directly affects all body health, and in raising awareness in this field. Pedodontics is the science that deals with children's dental health. In dentistry, pedodontics is interested in children's dental health from birth until the age of 12–13, when the entire set of temporary teeth changes. From the first tooth extraction, the primary goal of paediatric dentistry is to protect oral and dental health. Therefore, the treatments can also be defined as "preventive treatments." Taking children to a specialist pedodontics from a young age to have regular dental checks protects both oral and dental health, makes them aware of this issue, and helps them not have a fear of dentists.

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