Human Resources

Human Resources Policies and Management Principles:

As Human Resources Management, our aim is to ensure continuity by structuring our institution on respect, trust, and cooperation in line with the foreseen goals and strategies, together with our employees, within the framework of the mission, vision, and basic principles of Academic Hospital.

Academic Hospital, with its current human-oriented human resources practices, is a health institution that is open to education and development, has high motivation and corporate belonging, and has adopted the principle of working with experts in their fields.

It has adopted a working system focused on "patient satisfaction."

Employee satisfaction is among our priorities. Academic Hospital pays attention to equality of opportunity among its employees. Occupational safety and health are more important than anything. Academic Hospital organizes events for employee socialization and offers in-house and external trainings to improve their knowledge level. It plans the careers of its employees fairly and implements a business policy that considers equality between men and women in all units.

Training and Development

Academic Hospital places emphasis on professional and personal development training. After general orientation organized by the Human Resources Department, the personnel who start their duties are also subjected to professional orientation by the unit they will work in.

The education plan throughout Academic Hospital is planned and implemented by the directorates on a unit basis throughout the year.

The trainings are divided into three categories: "general information," "professional development," and "personal development." Trainings are given by competent people within the institution as well as by trainers brought in from outside the institution.

Training requests (from the employee or the unit), performance evaluations, and employee satisfaction surveys are used.

Recruitment Process and Operation

The first interview in recruitment is conducted by the Human Resources Department. After the candidate's compliance with Academic Hospital's vision, mission, and basic principles is evaluated by Human Resources, then the unit manager makes a second meeting with the candidates who are considered suitable. The professional qualifications of the candidate are examined. The necessary guidance and interviews are completed by acting in accordance with the recruitment procedure. Human Resources Management extends a job offer to the candidate whose interview results are positive.

All applications are evaluated based on confidentiality.

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