Our Mission
• Academic Hospital is a modern health institution that prioritizes patient and patient-relative satisfaction, providing quality service through its broad and stable academic staff of experts in their fields.
• We strive to serve the community at every stage of diagnosis and treatment in accordance with international standards.
• Each member of the Academic Hospital team utilizes their professional expertise to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible, in line with their duty awareness and respect for ethical values.
• We are committed to contributing to the advancement of medical science by sharing our medical knowledge and expertise; focusing on excellence and quality, ethical and reliable relationships, at both national and international platforms. Furthermore, we support medical education and research through our foundation.
• With a sense of social responsibility, Academic Hospital informs the public about developments in medicine and contributes to the formation of a healthy society by sharing knowledge about factors that threaten public health.
• We operate with an environmentally friendly approach, prioritizing the reuse of recyclable waste materials in manufacturing processes.

Our Vision
• Our vision is to meet patient expectations and needs with a high sense of responsibility, be open to innovations, and present international developments in the health field to the community, with the awareness of being Turkey's leading academic private hospital.
• Without compromising ethical principles, we aim to provide healthcare services at international quality standards with our distinguished, stable medical staff and competent employees, and to maintain our prestige in the health sector.

Our Values
• Provide individualized, holistic, and quality service,
• Promote teamwork,
• Establish effective communication,
• Ensure employee participation in decision-making,
• Standardize care provided,
• Recognize and respect the rights of patients, their families, and other employees.

Our Management Policy
• Provide contemporary, scientific, up-to-date, ethical, and legal health services,
• Always carry the title of a quality hospital that provides world-class service,
• Be a learning and teaching institution through organizational development and multidisciplinary work,
• Ensure a patient-centered approach is adopted by our senior management and all our employees. In this context, deal with all complaints from patients and their relatives as a priority, urgently solve all complaints, and improve practices that are subject to complaints,
• Continuously measure and analyze our services, and improve patient and employee satisfaction to the highest level,
• Support both our employees and our patients and their relatives with continuous training provided by our academic staff,
• Ensure the highest level of patient safety regarding patient rights,
• Conduct planned and systematic activities to reduce all risks and accidents threatening the health and safety of our employees, patients, and their relatives, as an institution that provides the highest level of scientific and quality service,
• Within the framework of our Integrated Management System understanding, ensure all necessary follow-up and improvement is done for compliance with all legal regulations related to environmental protection, and the safety of employees, patients, and their relatives. In this context, provide all necessary support and implement corrective actions by senior management to achieve intended targets,
• As an institution that is responsible and sensitive about environmental protection, reduce all our waste and environmental pollution,
• Operate with an environmentally friendly approach that essentially involves the reuse of recyclable waste materials in manufacturing processes.

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