Pediatric Nephrology


Pediatric nephrology is a specialty that deals with the health and diseases of children's kidneys. Pediatric nephrologists diagnose and treat kidney diseases by checking the function of children's kidneys. Pediatric nephrologists also work to prevent and reduce damage to children's kidneys.


Pediatric nephrologists can identify many different diseases and problems that can occur in children's kidneys. These include kidney failure, kidney stones, glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the filtering structures of the kidneys), and kidney cancer. Pediatric nephrologists can also treat children's urinary tract problems.


Many different tests can be used to diagnose kidney diseases in children. These tests include urine tests, blood tests, ultrasonography, and kidney biopsies (sampling and examining kidney tissue). After the diagnosis is made, a treatment plan suitable for the child is created according to the level and characteristics of the disease.

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