Bionic Ear


Academic Hospital has great experience in middle ear surgery, otosclerosis, and cochlear implant (bionic ear) surgery. Prof. Çağlar Batman is the first Cochlear Implant practitioner in Turkey and leads the largest patient group in Turkey. He works on some international projects in this regard. He also works on the repair of the middle ear bones, thus allowing the patient to hear again.


A bionic ear is used in patients who have congenital or acquired hearing loss. It is placed in an area behind the ear with an operation, and the electrodes are placed in the inner ear. Since the device can be programmed, it can be applied to all patients with hearing loss.


Cochlear Implant


  • It is used for adults who could previously speak,

  • Children up to the age of five with congenital hearing impairments,

  • Children who used hearing aids but did not see any benefits, and inner ear anomalies.

  • The device is programmed about a month after the operation, so it becomes possible to hear. In our clinic, all imaging methods, hearing tests, and programming related to the bionic ear can be performed.

  • Medical and surgical treatment of hearing loss

  • Medical and surgical treatment of middle ear diseases

  • Medical and surgical treatment of inner ear diseases

  • Treatment of facial paralysis


Nose Diseases



  • Nasal Congestion

  • Medical and surgical treatment of sinusitis

  • Endoscopic and microendoscopic sinus surgery

  • Allergic nose problems

  • Aesthetic and cosmetic treatment of the nose


Oral and Throat Diseases


  • Tonsil and adenoid problems

  • Snoring and respiratory disorders

  • Problems in the mouth and throat area

  • Salivary gland diseases


Diseases of the larynx


  • Hoarseness

  • Nodules

  • Tumors


Neck Diseases and Masses


  • Treatment of nose, face, and jaw fractures

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