What is Anaesthesia?


Anaesthesia is applied before surgical interventions; it is the process that makes the whole or a certain part of the body insensitive to pain. The drugs used are determined and applied by the anaesthesia and reanimation specialists. There are different types of anaesthesia: 1. general 2. regional 3. local anaesthesia 4. sedation applications.


What is Reanimation?


Reanimation means "to revive," which includes all of the methods used to normalize damaged or temporarily suspended vital functions.


At Academic Hospital's Anaesthesia and Reanimation Department, it is ensured that surgical operations, some diagnosis and treatment applications, and all balances of the body are kept within physiological limits, without the patient feeling any pain. It is applied by the staff of the Department of Anaesthesia and Reanimation using advanced technological devices and monitors.

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