As Academic Group and Academic Hospital, the address of trust in health, we continue our rise in the health sector with our strong, professional, stable, scientific, and distinctive academic staff. We see that we have a special place and rise in a special field such as health, and we are proud of it.

Since our establishment in 1997, we are providing the world-class health care we have been providing at the Academic Hospital in Üsküdar, on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, the heart of the world, at the Academic Clinic in Suadiye. We are happy to share our quarter-century experience in healthcare with our patients in this region at our center on Bağdat Street. As Academic Group, which was founded by professors from Marmara University and maintains this scientific identity, and has its own culture, we are now delivering our patient-oriented approach, academic staff, and experience to much more people with Academic Clinic. In our 7-story clinic located on Bağdat Caddesi, one of the most popular avenues of Istanbul; We offer a wide range of services from gynecology and obstetrics to urology, from plastic and aesthetic surgery to oral and dental health, from general surgery to healthy living practices. Our visitors to Academic Clinic is able to benefit from a comprehensive polyclinic program prepared with scientific approaches for health, beauty, and quality of life. They are able to receive all these services under the secure roof of Academic Group and from physicians who are experts in their fields. Our patients who apply to Academic Clinic, which consists of polyclinic services, are able to receive services from Academic Hospital's hospital in Üsküdar if they need services such as surgery, surgery, or delivery.

As Academic Group and Academic Hospital Family have been continuing their activities uninterruptedly since 1997, we will continue to heal our patients for many years to come.

We aim to bring “healthy societies” to the future while maintaining our leadership and prestige in the health sector with the strength we derive from our experience and deep-rooted past.

Because health is our greatest treasure and we must protect this priceless treasure.

We are waiting for those who seek confidence and experience in health and those who aim for a better life, at Academic Clinic in Suadiye.


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