Academic Hospital has been actively serving the healthcare sector for over 25 years and we continue to be Istanbul’s best rooted and academic private hospital. The mission of our hospital in provision of healthcare is to diagnose and treat in the shortest duration possible without sacrificing scientific and ethical values.

Academic Hospital is the only private hospital in Turkey with a partnership agreement with Harvard Medical School. This allows us to provide a second opinion service to our patients and as well as diagnosis and treatment options overseas. Additionally, our special partnership agreements allow our patients to receive treatment in Cuba.

With Smart Tracking System we present to you a new and smart disease tracking process. The system as it is designed is a first in Turkey and allows us to monitor your vitally important medical data 24/7 and allows our doctors to check up on you instantly.


Hypertension Smart Tracking System

It is a smart tracking system that tracks vital values such as blood pressure, blood sugar level and blood oxygen level around the clock wherever the patient may be and establishes communication between the patient and relevant health team.

  1. When you are a Smart tracking member, our specialist doctors examine you and calculate your cardiovascular disease risk as per your blood works, EKO and EKG.
  2. The measurements you take with the smart sphygmomanometer we will provide for you will be recorded and tracked by our hospital wherever you may be.
  3. If there is a change in your blood pressure, we will reach you via telephone or internet to warn you and give you suggestions.
  4. You are clinically checked at our hospital twice a year.
  5. All your measurements are electronically archived and shared with other doctors if you so desire.
  6. We remind you when you need to measure your blood pressure.
  7. We archive your measurements and classify according to risk.
  8. We provide you with warning and suggestions in case you have risky blood pressure and heart-rate values.

The membership package includes doctor’s examination, follow-up examinations and other medical works and inspections. Additionally, for the duration of your membership we provide you with a device that both measures your blood pressure and records this data.  Data recorded on the device is  transferred to the smart mobile phones of patients. There is also a 50% discount in first ECO or EFFORT tests and a 20% discount in all other inspections during your membership.

Click here to view the details of the expansive package.  Call (GSM: 0533 635 32 44) for more information

Yes. You may benefit from the package services during your one year paid membership.

1 year. You may extend your membership, if you so desire.

Information and Membership

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Information and Membership

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