Recently, issues regarding sexuality are expressed more easily than they were in the past. Our society denies these important problems less, while more people seek help.

Centers such as this one are established to address increasing demand for solutions to sexual problems and to guide couples with problems on how to get help.

That is to say, individuals or couples with sexual problems may be guided to different disciplines; some are referred to urologists or gyneacologists, while others are referred to psychiatrists.

Academic Hospital Sexual Dysfunction Assessment and Treatment Center’s aim is to prevent these people from wasting time and finances by providing treatment under one roof.

Various studies have shown that approximately one in three people have at least one sexual dysfunction at one point in their life.

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction may be defined as long-term disruption of normal sexual response to sexual stimuli. In practice, identification of an individual as having sexual dysfunction is not up to professional judgment but by individual’s or the partner’s complaints.

What is Sexual Therapy?

There is a large group of people in Turkey who have either not sought treatment for their sexual dysfunction or sought treatment in improper outlets.

At Academic Hospital, a team of urologists, psychologists and psychiatrists work in cooperation to treat various sexual dysfunctions.

The key person for the patient’s problem is selected and treatment is undergone without further delay.

The cooperative actions of these three departments are significant in the diagnosis and treatment of the dysfunction.

The targets in sexual therapy should be clear, concise and concrete; whereas the methods used should be easy to understand.

Sexual Therapy

Sexual therapy is staged treatments where each individual has customized methods determined for his/her requirements; working with the personal, cultural and spiritual framework of each individual; providing training to couples or individual; providing curative assignments to be carried out at home.

Who Should Be a Sex Therapist?

Modern sex therapists should have sufficient knowledge and skills in the development of sexual health and treatment of sexual dysfunctions. They should adopt a professional and ethical approach to medicine-sex-couples therapy to respect the personal, religious and cultural characteristics  of people seeking help and be able to professionally arrange and integrate these, while being open to innovation and flexible.