Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

It is the correction of congenital or acquired nasal deformities.

It is a painless operation, and before the procedure a simulation is created with the picture of the patient to obtain a nasal shape which the patient will be satisfied with.

In custom-planned surgical procedure, sometimes a good-looking nose can be obtained with a simple surgery without breaking any bones..

During this procedure, breathing problems are also eliminated.

People who have undergone previous nasal surgery may suffer from nasal deformation as well (secondary rhinoplasty).

Such deformations are corrected by adding cartilage to necessary areas of the nose.

Our vision is obtaining a completely customized nose that fits in the natural harmony of the face.

Breast Augmentation

We perform breast augmentation, reduction or lifting of breasts, which are among the most important, aesthetic and functional organs in the female body.

Breast Augmentation: In young women who have a small breast diameter or women whose breasts have become hollow after birth, a brest implant is placed through a small incision under the breast to augment the breasts.Depending on the condition of the patient, the prostethic is implanted through under the breast, under the arms or through the nipples.

Breast lift: It is the procedure of lifting the breast and nipple without changing the size of the breast. The scars of such stitches go away in time.The procedure is pain-free.It starts with a stitch around the nipple, and ends with a vertical stitch down from the nipple.

Breast Reduction: Large breasts from adolescence causes posture disorders, marks on the shoulders or armpit rash in women.It is possible to attain an aesthetic structure of It is possible to attain an aesthetic structure of the breast by reducing its size. This procedure often excludes any incision under the breast which may be visible later.The breast is reduced through an incision around the nipple, and thus the desired size of breast is achieved with less scars. It is a pain-free procedure. In all breast surgeries, the form and size of the breast and the level of the nipple is determined according to the patient’s body (shoulder, waist, hip).

During breast surgery, other simple procedures such as liposuction or fat injection can be performed concurrently.

Facial Rejuvenation

4 types of change occurs on the face with aging. Each of them are treated in different ways.

An ideal result cannot be achieved without treating each these changes.

In other words, the deformations of aging cannot be fully eliminated with only one type of treatment.

A combined treatment is performed according to the patient’s needs.

Skin aging: The amount connective tissues in the skin decreases in time. Blemishes appear. The skin looks pale and dull. After eliminating the deformations of aging in the lower layers, the procedures with cream, mesotherapy, PRP injection, lipofilling, and peeling are performed for skin aging.

Facial Wrinkles: In addition to the deterioration of the quality of the skin, fine or thick wrinkles appear in the forehead, around the eyes, on the cheeks and in the neck due to overdevelopment of mimic muscles or excessive skin. Botox and fillings (ha) help to eliminate the fine wrinkles, and in case of excessive skin, skin is extracted from lower and/or upper eyelids or with small incisions hidden inside the ear.

Facial fat loss: With aging, supportive fat tissue in certain areas of the face is decreased. This results in pit formation and dark coloring particularly around the eyes. Through lipofilling, the fat collected from the patient’s body is injected in the required areas.

Displacement of soft tissue (sagging): Over the years, the tissues acting as a pillow on the cheek bones tend to sag. Midface lifting surgery is performed to treat this problem. It leaves no scars when performed with closed method. It offers some of the longest-lasting effects against aging. It may be combined with other procedures if required. If there is sagging in the neck, the neck is stretched under the chin and/or behind the ears to obtain a young-looking neck.

Lipofilling: It is the procedure of transferring fat collected from a certain area of the body to another area through injection. . This is often performed to fill the pits on the face or the body, to reduce the wrinkles that occur with aging, to give a plump look to the face, to augment cheekbones and lips and to ensure an aesthetic appearance. Fat transfer is a kind of stem cell transplantation. With fat transfer, the fatty tissue replaces the missing tissue in the relevant area, and thus deep lines and wrinkles on the face disappear and the area of application is augmented.

Filler (Hylauronic acid injection): It is a special protein in the human joints, which ensures their lubrication. It is also present in all connective tissues of the body, such as fibers and tendons. It moisturizes the skin from the inside to outside. It removes wrinkles. Hylauronic acid may be apped on lines between eyebrows, nose-lip fold, lines on the forehead, lip contours, crow’s feet, thin lines, neck lines and on the hands.

Botox: It is a type of toxin produced by botolismus bacteria that prevents stimulation of muscles by the nerves. It may be applied on forehead lines, lines between the eyebrows, on crow’s feet around the eyes, lines on theneck, in eyebrow lifting, or on the hands, the feet and armpits to reduce excessive sweating. Botox reduces the movement of these muscles by blocking the nerve from stimulating them. It is applied by injection with a special needle with a very fine tip. Botox application must be repeated 6 months later.