Monitors the mental, physical, social, sensory and linguistic development of children between the ages of 0 and 18 who develop abnormally.
Prepares personalized education-development plans in case of a problem or follow-up in these developmental phases.

Monitors the health development of newbords and emotional readiness of children about to be admitted to the hospital due to various reasons; provides support during preparation process.
Conducts developmental and intelligence tests to determine mental and physical health.
Conducts child development tests
Conducts IQ tests
Consults with families on child development and education
Provides counseling and consultancy regarding problems that may occur in newborns
Provides counseling and consultancy regarding infant growth and development (social/mental/communicative and physical)
Provides counselling and consultancy regarding age-appropriate game and toy selection

Provides counselling and consultancy regarding sibling jealousy
Provides counselling and consultancy regarding establishing sleep and eating patterns and toilet training
Efficient study methods… Multiple intelligence theory studies according to children’s skills
Provides consultancy and sessions on delayed speech
Provides consultancy and sessions on behavioral disorder
Provides consultancy and sessions on learning disabilities (disorders) such as dyslexia, dysgraphia.
Provides consultancy and sessions for children requiring special education (pervasive developmental disorder, cerebral palsy, mental incompetence).
Runs tests and conducts work on attention deficiency (visual, audio perception and visual, audio memory works)
Provides counselling and consultancy on appropriate attitude and behavior to consider in regards to the child’s sexual identity phases
Conducts game therapy (children of divorced parents, abused children, children with adaptation and behavioral disfunctions, children with impulse control disorders, incommunicative children)
Takes an active role in monitoring infants and children at risk and monitors developmental support works.
Determines the risk factors that threaten the development of children from premature birth to socially disadvantaged environments; sets a preventive and protective program for the family and monitors.

Provides developmental support programs for children with gifted children and children with special talents, children with learning difficulty, mental incompetence, speech, vision, auditory, orthopedic, neurological, genetic, psychiatric, metabolic diseases, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Conducts developmental psychometric calculations. Prepares appropriate home/institution/school based programs for development and monitors these.
Consultancy and counseling on school starting age

Cooperates with pediatrician, child and adolescent psychiatrist and pediatric neurologist.