The center where important works in the field of audiology in Turkey have been performed, conducts testing and programs for newborn and adult age groups with a broad academic staff.

Newborn hearing – screening tests are performed at the center.

Hearing tests are performed with premature babies, infants at risk for hearing, children in all age groups, and children with multiple handicap at low IQ level.

These tests cover an evaluation of hearing, and identification of the degree, type and audiogram of hearing to plan a treatment in the best way.

The center performs real ear measurement for all age groups.

It offers services in selecting the best hearing ait with an ear mold, its implementation,rehabilitation and counseling.

It offers services in Cochlear implantations, inclıding identification of candidates, performing tests before and during the procedure, regular programming of speech processor after Cochlear implantation, and hearing and speech trainings for children and adults.

Audological tests for children include behavioral tests, VRE, C, play audiometry, speech audiometry, Acoustic Immitancemetry, Autoacoustic emission, the study of hearing and central auditory functions with electro-physiological methods (Click and tonal ABR ASSR, MLR, LVR, P300, MMN) and audio scanning with automated ABR.

Audiological tests for the adults include pure audio and speech audiometry, acoustic immitancemetry, otoacoustic emission, central speech and behavioral tests as well as ABR, MLR, LVR, P300 MMN, and ASSR. In medico-legal cases, as an expert witness performs a hearing examination of the patient.

Among the vast academic staff of Marmara University Medical Faculty Foundation Private Academic Hospital Audiology Center and MÜTFV Audiology lecturers Prof. Dr. Nevma Madanoğlu offer services to newborn and adult patients.