As Human Resources our objective is to ensure hospital activities are based on respect, trust, and teamwork as per objectives and strategies under the framework of our mission, vision, and core principles.

Human Resources Policy and Management Principles:

Academic Hospital has adopted the principal of having staff that have a high level of company loyalty and motivation that are open to developing and training with current and people-focused Human Resources approaches

  • Staff satisfaction is important to us
  • We care about equal opportunities among staff
  • We place importance in Occupational Safety and Health.
  • We support and organize social events to encourage socializing among staff
  • We increase staff level of knowledge, and become stronger with their expertise
  • We provide service with a “patient satisfaction” focused operating system as we are in the health industry
  • We offer staff fair career planning

Training and Development

Academic Hospital places importance on occupational and personal development training. Newly hired staff takes part in General Orientation, held by the Human Resources Management, and then professional orientation in their relevant department.

Department heads plan the hospital-wide training plan per unit, and implement it throughout the year.

Training is classified in 3 groups; General Information, Professional Development and Personal Development.

Training is given by competent staff as well as external trainers. Training requirements are determined by Patient Surveys, Training Requests (from employees or units), and Performance evaluation and Employee satisfaction surveys.

Recruitment Process

HR conduct the first stage interview in the recruitment process. HR assess the candidate in order to determine if they are suitable with the vision, mission and core principles of Academic Hospital.

Candidates that pass the first stage are interviewed by department heads at second stage interviews. The candidates occupational competency is assessed at this stage. Referral and interviews are completed as per the recruitment policy. HR will make the offer to the successful candidate.

All applications are evaluated as per the confidentiality principle:

For Applications;

  • Vacant positions are published internally first for existing staff
  • Applications can be made in person at our hospital.
  • You can send your CV to [email protected]
  • You can apply for vacancies as advertised on