Every year hundreds of Turkish citizen choose to get a second opinion or consultation treatment and apply to large number of physicians or hospitals due to complex medical problems. It is not always possible to make the right decision or the patient is not fully convinced. Some patients prefer to travel abroad for medical advice and treatment.

In this regard, the agreement signed in 8 February 2012 provides a strong and new opportunity in healthcare services in Turkey.  Thanks to this agreement, our patients will be able to receive professional support from Partners Health Care (system operator of hospitals under Harvard Medical School) during their diagnosis and treatment process. Within the scope of this program introduced by Academic Hospital, patients of Academic Hospital will be able to receive treatment planning and care at world standards.

With this system, if a patient wishes to have a second opinion in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, medical records of Harvard Education Hospitals affiliated with Partners HealthCare will be reviewed by the most qualified specialist and diagnosis and treatment will be discussed. Patient records will be sent to specialist doctors in Harvard, USA. Thus, the patient will be able to get advice for diagnosis and treatment from well-known specialist doctors around the world without wasting time to get a second opinion. With this system, very few patients have to go abroad and their health problems can be solved domestically. If they want to be treated in Partners HealthCare affiliated hospitals, but this system will make the patient transfer period easier. Coordination and organizations related to these issues will be implemented in Academic Hospital on behalf of the patient.


How it works?

There is a staff in charge of medical and administrative affairs at the Partners- Academic Hospital Cooperation Office at Academic Hospital to help assess the patient’s absent treatment plan, his transfer or the second opinion about the disease.

Direct patient transfer support to Partners is complimentary. In addition, the Cooperation Office in Academic Hospital lessens the burden on patients and the doctors being in charge of the transfer period. The team that performs registration, compiles and organizes medical records also conducts payment transactions, coordinates travel logistics when necessary, and ensures continuous communication throughout the process.

Patients who prefer to go Partners’ hospitals are assisted by teams that coordinate all sorts of issues related to their illness and care. In more than one specialty, Harvard Medical School doctors, nurses who have a higher education, social service providers and medical commentators came together with patient care teams to provide a high standard for treatment planning and management. This team ensures that patient-centered care is delivered to the patient by addressing the needs of the patient in multiple perspectives, incorporating them into perspectives that reflect the latest innovations in terms of all areas of expertise.


About Partners HealthCare

Partners Health Care, established by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical Schools biggest training hospital), has the most successful Healthcare system in the USA. Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and McLean Hospital are also establishments within the system that offer services.

Partners, renowned as world leader in medical training and biomedical research, and member hospitals are known for their perfection. The organization, which continues to be innovative, is home to and/or trained 18 Nobel Award winners. Partners Health Care, identified by the New York Times as “A Match Made in Academic Heaven,” establishes partnerships to ensure people everywhere can benefit from high quality health care.