Amniocentesis is the insertion of a needle into the uterus after the fetus (baby), a small portion of the surrounding liquid is an invasive test, which means receiving. This liquid fetus (baby) received liquid is mixed with urine is renewed within a few days. Amniocentesis can be done as early as the 16th week of pregnancy week is safe. Preliminary results may be obtained in four days and the final results within 2-3 weeks. Amniocentesis low probability is 1%. In less than 1% of patients need to be repeated because of inadequate test results.

Normal Results

Amniocentesis is performed normally results in the majority of patients will be obtained and pregnancy will continue normally without any problems and will result in the birth of a baby. However, a normal result does not exclude the possibility that the other abnormalities and in some cases (eg increased nuchal thickness ones) you can call for further screening and research. We obtained will share information with you and follow your pregnancy will discuss the various possibilities with you.
Abnormal results

Unfortunately, in several cases amniocentesis results will be abnormal. information as you want about this anomaly will try to give you. This information can also be given by telephone, but you can with a person you approach has been to a few days for further specialist advice if you want.

And if you decide to move ahead with your pregnancy to ensure that you can provide a better understanding of the status of your baby in your contact with various support groups. Follow your pregnancy more closely and make further screening, the most appropriate time of birth, place and may want to see you again to inform you about the shape.

And if you decide to terminate your pregnancy direction, adjustments will be required to perform this operation and assistance from our side. In addition, post-natal consultancy services required will be provided by us.

It is performed after approval by amniocentesis.

Zehra Nese Kavak, Prof. M.D
Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist