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su-hayattirWater, source of life, our life, our sustainable holds a very important place. Man using food stores in the body for days without food can survive, but survive only a few days thirsty.

Adults up to 59% of water constitutes a human body. Baby constitute more than two-thirds of the water body. (70%) water rate is reduced as the baby grows, the higher fat content. In the body of water within the cell 60% is found in 40% of extracellular fluid.

digestion of the nutrients found in the foods we eat, absorption, transport and metabolism is essential for the continuity of the movement.
Metabolism of the resulting movement, now, harmful substances which, when taken out through the kidneys sağlar.yeterin not drink the water, some minerals, kneeling in the kidneys, can cause kidney stones.
control of the temperature of our body, our joint will glide through the water in the body.
Water, constipation (constipation) prevent. If the body received too little water, try to meet the needs of drawing water from the intestines and constipation (constipation) occurs. If enough people drink water, it will return to normal bowel function.
All metabolic activities are carried out in water. When we have enough drinking water metabolism will work more regularly.
Water is a natural appetite suppressant, if you drink water on an empty stomach, caused by reduced gastric contractions, you eat less food. Water also reduces your feeling of hunger.
Received enough water provides a convenient muscle movement, dry and sagging skin that occurs after weight loss and prevents cramps.
Preventing the dehydration of the cells of the skin provides a healthy and flexible.
Water, thanks to the open energy generated during attenuation, the combustion of oil allows the removal of the waste product formed.
HOW MUCH WATER is that we will need?

Normally, an adult man per day, urine 1.5 liters, 0.5 liters of skin, breathing with the 0.3-liter, intestines from 0.2 liters to a total of 2.5 liters, including water kaybeder.s loss result, the density of blood plasma 1% increased, thirst center is stimulated in the brain, thirst and people to develop a sense of zorundayız.zayıfl get 1-1.5 milliliter of water for every 1 calorie holding water we drink water or place içer.harca, even azaltsak energy we receive, we have to take the above-mentioned 2.5 liters of water. Almost all the water we receive, urine, sweat, breathing and so on. We threw out the way. This is called water balance. Here is a day to achieve this balance we have to get the 2.5-liter or 810 glasses of water and other liquids.


Even though we Susan, we do not drink water, our body tries to keep its water. We get less urine and blood volume is reduced, blood pressure is reduced. Faeces our body, through the skin and lungs and to the continued loss of water due to a certain concentration capacity of urine, dry and lose the health of our body. The loss of 15% of the water in our bodies person consequences continued until the loss of life slid into coma.

Dyt. Sabiha Keskin
Diet and Nutrition Clinic