What are undescended testicles?

Babies in the womb mother while completing their development in the future will turn into testicular tissue appears just below the kidney. Baby testes develop a hand bag to place the testes grow they develop the other hand, the inguinal canal (scrotum) move toward. This move fits both the scrotum before birth and shortly after will continue as the whole pregnancy period. Before it causes the descent of the testis bag then formed in the stomach, functions Abilmelerindendir provides an environment of lower temperature than body temperature.

One or both testicles undescended testicle is called failure to settle in other words the inability to complete the landing bag.


3% of preterm male infants – are seen in 5% of undescended testicle. This rate is not completed the descent of the testes due to premature birth is around 30% in premature infants. Testicular descent of the baby was born after a shorter period of time and continues incidence of undescended testes is reduced to 0.8% 1 year old. 0.8% rate is not changed during adulthood. 2/3 unilateral undescended testis is seen on both sides is 1/3. Unilateral undescended testes are found mostly on the right.

Why would?

The cause of the failure of the testes is quite complex. Undescended testes formation, a hormone that may be due to lack of testicular descent in the future may be due to structural defects in the tissue to develop in the testicles.

rare diagnosis of undescended testes in male babies, though no one or both testicles can be developed. These babies are not both testes in the inguinal canal and scrotum.

If there is an abnormality that impairs blood flow in the blood vessels supplying the testicle will develop testes.

The mechanism of undescended testes is different for every baby, baby enlightening explanation should be sought in the underlying aetiology of undescended testicle in pursuit of the urologist.

undescended testicles Why is it important?

Undescended testes children to prevent loss of function, early diagnosis and treatment purposes that may occur in the future and lasting diseases.

These; reproductive function reduction or loss, testicular cancer development, the testicles of the lysis turn around its psychological that may arise due to the testicle is missing, cosmetic problems, having misplaced testicle injury and counted as inguinal hernias may develop.

one-sided as they grow older babies with undescended testicles Untreated 15% will be faced with infertility. This compared to 35% in patients with bilateral undescended testes. The cause of infertility patients are experiencing problems, structural abnormalities are growing at a higher temperature environment remaining testis. developing future structural changes in the testis germ cells (sperm) causes a decrease in the number.

Patients in the other testicle normal structure and place even though untreated solid testicle undescended testes are also negatively affected.

Undescended testes is another problem testicular cancer patients may face.

Some research has reported testicular cancer can occur in one in 500 patients with a diagnosis of undescended testicle. Normal testes undescended testis cancer than men 20-46 times the incidence in men is increasing.

How to Tell?

When the baby of six opened the bag must be seen to be both testicles.

Testicles are not detected in the baby’s bag, or if the scrotum development must seek a doctor if a precarious situation.

Physical examination of the testes should be done very carefully. examination crying baby can be difficult. Physical examination found undescended testicles baby 6 months of age, for guiding the diagnosis and treatment by a urologist should be consulted.

Bilateral undescended testes which newborn babies with undescended testes and the Sunnah Prophet (hypospadias) are all the children waiting for surgery, babies must be examined by pediatric urology experts.

Shy (retractile) What is the testis?

The language of medicine “retractile testes called” shy testicles, scrotum, but they’re sometimes seen in the testicles that can run up during the inspection. It is different from undescended testes and there is no need to treat very likely. The testes descend into the scrotum by themselves, but the muscles were pulling up pitchers can reverse many due to stimulation during the examination. In cold environments, the crying child or testes reflexes come out while touching the testes may lead to upward into the inguinal canal. Child asleep, while hot, while in the bath or proper technique made testicular examination can observe that in the bag. These children are found to be already in place in the delivery of the testis. Retractile testicle is not considered a disease. not need the treatment therewith. Mixing with the problem of undescended testes and is misdiagnosed. If in doubt, examination and must check at regular intervals by trained pediatric urology specialists in this regard.

Is it undescended testes may improve over time?

A baby born with undescended testes in the descent of the testicles, as similar to that in the womb will continue for some time after birth. landing is more evident in premature infants. The testicles undescended testes infants 6 months of age, 66% of which will be seen in the bag itself. After 6 months of the scrotum it is likely to come down to almost no self. Without loss of time in order to plan treatment should be referred to a specialist pediatric urology.

Is that boy with undescended testes may be treated?

Yes, it can be treated. Bilateral undescended testicle undescended testicle or the genitals, excluding infants with urinary tract anomalies is no need to attempt the first 6 months. The baby is 6 months of treatment should be planned and should be completed no later than 1 year of age. Treatment should not be left until after 1 year of age. If the diagnosis and treatment of undescended testicles in treatment should be completed as soon as possible if it had to be postponed inadvertently period after 1 year of age.

why the treatment be done without delay, undescended testicles at age 1 year is the first detection of a permanent structural damage. warm atmosphere inspired by the testicles, standing in an abnormal place after this age begin to lose their future development functions reproductive cells. In other words, when it comes to patients faced with infertility problems can adulthood.

The first step in planning treatment whether testis is present, to determine the location and structure. If the testes to make the diagnosis and treatment of the physical examination is no need for further investigation in terms of planning. If the testicles are some made of blood and radiological tests necessity arises can be found on physical examination.

Treatment of testicular surgery is inserted into the bag. Advocating the idea that hormone therapy may be useful in specific cases of hormone therapy may be the case. Undescended testes would be appropriate to take the descriptive information is physician recommended infant hormone therapy.

6m babies with undescended testes ideally suited to be operated between 1 year of age. If inguinal hernia in babies with undescended testicles should be expected before surgery, regardless of the age it has emerged. At the same surgery and hernia repair is done and also downloaded to the scrotum.

If there is no physical address before surgery testicular examination means that faced with a more complicated situation. This baby is not in the testicles is, you need to have that and if so where. Impalpable testis in the inguinal canal or around trying to make the ultrasound examination of this area. Ultrasonographic examination should also think that may have been detected in the abdomen If the testicles. visible presence of the testicles in the abdomen with the help of laparoscopy and laparoscopy assisted attempted to disembark testicle bag.

If easily predictably testicles undescended testes in a patient how long the operation will be in close proximity to the bag so successful.

Did you have surgery? You can remove young children surgery?

Undescended testicle surgery, pediatric urology at very low risk experienced experts using appropriate surgical techniques and anesthesia was performed successfully. Babies can easily remove operation under these conditions; heal much more quickly than even adults. Pediatric urology training, infants and children are to be able to be operated safely and in our country is very high level of pediatric urology.

Undescended testicle surgery had babies in the hospital is no need to go to bed. A couple of hours at the end of surgery observed in patients are sent home the same day. In this way, away from the hospital environment, psychological trauma in their homes and spend the postoperative period as reduced to a minimum. During the operation, in addition to general anesthesia, regional anesthesia is applied is heard rarely needed pain medication. Baby, your doctor will make the necessary warnings were discharged from the hospital for follow-up after surgery. These warnings should relax and should be applied carefully.

Undescended testicles in childhood undergone surgery in adults should pay attention to what?

of adults have had undescended testicles in childhood surgery should draw attention to the housing 2. and decrease the risk of developing testicular tumors in the reproductive function.

reduction in reproductive function more important in bilateral undescended testes have undergone surgery in adults. This ratio of adults to have children is around 62%. Compared with normal subjects, the risk of not being able to have children has increased six-fold. If they had a surgery for unilateral undescended testes have children are no different from normal adults.

Undescended testes testicular cancer incidence than in patients with normal adults need close follow-up is 20-46 times more. the patient has reached puberty should learn the methods of examination of the testicles. In this way it would often made possible the early diagnosis of testicular tumors can be examined and treated by the disease.