Is it cleared sexual dysfunction?

Yeah. Greatly relieved. However, like any health problem before it also should be forwarded to a specialist. Unfortunately, social pressures, these issues remain closed due to misconceptions and beliefs. According to available data, only up to 5 percent of those with sexual dysfunction refers to a physician in our country.

What are the main sexual dysfunctions in men? Why does it happen?

Sexual interest and desire disorders: may be due to hormonal causes or psychogenic
Penile erectile dysfunction or lack: People between the false “impotence” also referred to as this may be due to physical or psychogenic reasons. Psychological therapy, medication or surgery may need an intervention. The hardening yetersizilig Men should definitely be noticed sometimes may be the first sign of diabetes or heart disease.

Premature ejaculation: Before the beginning or desired for sex yet, are formed out of the man’s ejaculation will. and a variety of drugs in the treatment of sex therapy techniques can be used.

Painful ejaculation: It is usually due to infection, sometimes it may be due to psychological reasons.

or pain during erection of the penis curvature: Peyronie’s disease can be linked to. Surgical treatment may be required.
absence of semen during ejaculation (dry ejaculation) may be due to the Migrated operations or neurological disease.

What are the main causes of sexual dysfunction and women?

  • Sexual interest and desire disorders
  • vaginal dryness
  • clitoral insensitivity
  • Lack of orgasm
  • Vaginismus: a result of the contraction of the muscles in the vaginal entrance is the case for various reasons it has become impossible to unite.
  • Painful intercourse
  • incontinence during sexual intercourse

All of these disorders may be due to physical or psychogenic reasons. Physical causes include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hormonal disorders, drug use and previous surgery can be considered. Treatment is aimed at the underlying cause

What are the childhood diseases that can lead to sexual dysfunction in the future?

Male children with congenital curvature of the penis: This sometimes alone, sometimes to be in front of the urinary opening of the penis (hypospadias) may be associated with the condition. Treatment is surgical.

Normal penis size is small (micropenis) or large (makropenis) being: both may be due to hormonal disturbances.
Incorrect circumcision: circumcision complications can affect future sex life.

Sexual trauma experienced in childhood or incomplete or exaggerated information can create serious sexual problems in adulthood.

Refresh your knowledge

  • Contrary to popular belief, sexual dysfunction is common in women as in men at least.
  • In both men and women in the sex life is not limited to any length and can continue for life.
  • Not a natural consequence of aging, sexual dysfunction, and diseases should be treated.
  • Sexual problems, marital problems, and marital problems may lead to sexual problems.
  • Sexual dysfunction or congenital anomalies that may occur later may be due to organic and psychogenic causes.
  • In the process, in the case of any other sexual dysfunction, sexual dysfunction may develop one of the spouses.