Rheumatism is a disease how?

The movement of our body muscles, bones and allows joints to connect combining these structures. Rheumatism is the generic name for a large group of diseases affecting these tissues. pain in the joints, causing swelling and limitation of movement and sometimes deformity in joints.

Rheumatic diseases are available?

There are different so much from each other rheumatic diseases. Some of these diseases can have additional symptoms outside the joint complaint. These non-infectious body allergy symptoms are similar to that caused by an inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus or inflammatory rheumatic diseases snkiloz that where in this group of diseases such as spondylitis called. Osteoarthritis (arthritis) and in some rheumatic disease symptoms only occur in the joints and other organs are not affected by such diseases. This group located in degenerative rheumatic disease (depending on wear) is known as rheumatic diseases. This diverse group of rheumatic diseases, treatment of symptoms as well as carry different properties.

Rheumatic diseases Who gets in?

Osteoarthritis (arthritis) as degenerative (subject to wear) is common rheumatic diseases in the community. Incidence increases with age. Because of the relationship between weight gain occurs primarily in the load-bearing leg joints such as knees and hips. Which manifests itself as a painful swelling of the fingers occur at the ends of the joints and hand osteoarthritis, especially in women are common in the important role of heredity.
Inflammatory rheumatic diseases in general still occur more frequently in women

However, this does not mean that the inflammatory rheumatic disease is rare in men. This group can occur at any age and inflammatory rheumatic diseases are not age. Some types can occur in childhood and chronic (chronic) as may resume.

Each joint pain, rheumatism is it?

Joint pain are synonymous as is mentioned in additional symptoms other than pain in rheumatic diseases often with widely rheumatism. short-term use of muscles and joints and the pain usually occurs after exertion, it should not be called rheumatic pain. In particular, extra-articular disease has a variety of inflammatory rheumatic symptoms. These symptoms may vary according to the disease. One or more coexist. These symptoms may be summarized as follows extra-articular;

  • sensitivity to sunlight for the rest of skin exposed to the sun
  • Hypersensitivity to cold hands and feet and white, color changes, such as bruising
  • Eye disease due to inflammation (uveitis) with blurred vision and pain
  • a variety of skin rashes or skin under the skin
  • In the internal organs such as heart and kidney function deterioration and so on.


What is the cause of rheumatic diseases? Is it preventable?

Arthritis (osteoarthritis) as degenerative (subject to wear) to be overweight in the prevention of rheumatic disease, prevention of smoking, the person such as regular exercise and factors in the hands of the emergence of the disease can be delayed or reduced in severity.

Genetic factors and environmental factors (such as viral or bacterial infectious diseases) in inflammatory rheumatic diseases that occur in the contribution, there is no protective measures are due to genetic predisposition. Especially inflammatory rheumatic diseases, even if they know arise irregularities occur in the functioning of the immune system, cause the actual disease is not known in most cases.

How to treat rheumatism? How much will it take? Can I recover completely?

degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis should both long-lasting treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases. In some cases, it must be continued for life.

The treatment of osteoarthritis, as well as the treatment of pain with medication for the protection of the joint motion exercises and physical therapy are also important. These applications can be performed under the supervision of physiotherapists and doctors should be carried out into the behavior of the people in this way by itself edinilerek habits.

The treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases often must be done in multiple medications and control of a qualified physician. Drug effect (benefit) of patients of possible side effects that may occur with the use of long-term monitoring and regular follow-up is of great importance in order to preserve close.


Osteoarthritis (arthritis)

A result of wear of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis disrupting the normal structure of the joints is a disease that causes pain and limitation of movement. It is the most common joint disease in the community. Osteoarthritis most knee, hip, finger joints, and spine occurs in the big toe.

Osteoarthritis is due to excessive use or is not under increased load; Cartilage, bone and ligaments, such as joint forming structure in need of congenital need s subsequent deterioration of the joints of the load-carrying ability with progressive disorders, or overuse of the joint, the joint with causes including obesity remain under excessive load is premature wear.

Forty years ago it is very rare. The incidence increases with age. Seventy-year-old every 4 people have symptoms of osteoarthritis 3. In some families, it is known that a lot more often and at an earlier age develops osteoarthritis. more common in women, knees and hands. The osteoarthritis of the hip joint is seen equally in men and women. Overweight and obesity are particularly facilitates the development of knee osteoarthritis. Congenital hip dislocation, or subsequent accidents, trauma, developing structural changes for reasons such as illness makes it easy to osteoarthritis.

How does it occur?

Patients most often complain of pain. Later in the joint pain or the day is the most used, is relieved by rest. Patients may have a stiffness in the joints as soon as they first move. As long as the movement subside within minutes.

forming the joint may appear swollen joints, depending on the deformity occurs in the bones. grinding sound in the joint during movement (kıtırt a) can be heard.

Fingers, especially the thumb and wrist seen in nearly osteoarthritis in joints in the fingers, painful bone spurs on the fingertip, causing the swelling. Usually they first appeared painful, red and completely regressed after a while the symptoms of this disorder so swollen and remains in the form of swelling of the fingertips does not interfere with the use of fingers.

and joint symptoms affected the diagnosis is guiding. The X-rays for diagnosis of osteoarthritis joint definitive diagnosis. However, in a patient – particularly in older age groups – osteoarthritis and inflammatory rheumatic diseases (eg. Rheumatoid arthritis) can be found at the same time. Osteoarthritis is normal for high blood testing in inflammatory rheumatism which allows to distinguish from other rheumatic diseases. The diagnosis of osteoarthritis than that, there is no specific blood test for putting.



The goal of the treatment of osteoarthritis, pain, limitation of motion and reducing the patient’s daily work by blocking the progression of the disease is to assist in smoothly. Damage in a developed joint is not possible to fix the erosion of the cartilage tissue. Therefore, the stroke of body weight, ideal weight, reducing the burden to add regular exercise and increase the muscle strength is very important. to be distributed evenly throughout the day of muscle-strengthening exercises and regular implementation is extremely useful.

pure pain medications in the treatment of joint pain (paracetamol) and non-infectious inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis by inhibiting pain cut drugs (diclofenac, naproxen like) are used.

Into the joint, synovial fluid through the administration of fluids in the mouth similar features or benefits of certain foods containing received and cartilage tissue are controversial.

Osteoarthritis is caused to become the everyday needs of people can not even doing severe damage to the joint, it may be replaced with a prosthetic surgical procedures using these joints. Joint prostheses (artificial joints) and the disappearance of the pain, both are important surgical application that provides markedly improved their range of motion.

facts and rumors about the College of Rheumatology:
Myth: There is no treatment of rheumatic diseases.
Fact: In the majority of rheumatic disease (> 90%) have signs of the disease can be eliminated with proper treatment and follow-up and permanent tissue damage can be avoided.

Myth: Arthritis, wind, cold endurance, humidity, not wet environment, some foods are associated with non-medical factors, such as hypersensitivity.
Fact: climatic factors (cold, wind, humidity) and there is no data showing that some foods cause arthritis. However, observations in the form of barometric pressure changes can lead to joint pain.

Myth: Arthritis is a family pass.
Fact: This disease is rarely passed from parents to children. But it can be seen more frequently in some families where it is known that some arthritis.

Myth: Arthritis and rheumatic diseases of the elderly.
Fact: inflammatory rheumatism can be seen in almost every age. 30s are the peak periods of age. degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis is more frequent with increasing age.

Rumor: cracking joints and cause arthritis joint tick.
Fact: Excessive use may increase the risk of degenerative joint disease of the joints. However, it is not a risk factor for rheumatoid arthritis intimation and click through to.

Myth: Adding injections is certainly harmful to the joints.
Fact: Adding a cortisone injection, are very helpful in controlling the inflammation in the joints. However, this injection of competent persons (rheumatologists) must be made in appropriate and necessary. Extreme right is often avoided in the injection applications.

Myth: Pain relievers (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are to addiction.
Fact: Unlike narcotic painkillers are not addictive properties of these drugs. Your doctor will increase the dose of the drug means that it is more severe your condition.

Rumor: herbal or traditional treatments (copper bracelets, acupuncture, special food and water) is more effective than modern medicine.
Fact: These methods have not been studied as modern methods applied by your doctor and there is no evidence that it is effective.