Psoriasis can occur at any age and is a common chronic skin disease. Two out of every hundred people in society has psoriasis. The disease often, red skin on the ground, above manifests itself with thick grayish-white lustrous flaky plate. In our society, psoriasis, vitiligo skin characterized by the formation of white spots (ala) are mixed with the disease. However, these two diseases are completely different from each other and psoriasis, as a result of the death of pigment cells called melanocytes in the skin has nothing to do with vitiligo occurs.

Psoriasis Why does it occur?

cause of psoriasis is unknown. Although the disease is a skin disease is actually generated by the immune system. Nowadays accepted opinion about the occurrence cause of the disease are as follows:

Some medications, a variety of bacteria and viruses, skin irritation or sunburn results released proteins to stimulate white blood cells which are important components of our immune system. In this case, it called the foreskin epidermis various substances produced by white blood cells aktifleşerek responsive layer overgrowth is caused by dilation of the vessels and skin cells. Consequently it consists of 4-8 fold excess of normal skin cells. foreskin can not be taken due to excessive cell growth and mature cells normally consist flaking skin redness.

Psoriasis Does the Immune System is weak?

No. Psoriasis does not disrupt the normal function of the immune system. For example, inflammatory diseases, psoriasis patients often-impermeable infection. The problem is a faulty immune system response. Some patients are under the illusion that may be helpful to use herbal products that claimed to strengthen the immune system. This is the wrong approach. Because a significant portion of the drugs used to treat psoriasis, aims to suppress the erroneous and excessive reaction of the immune system and vice versa.

Psoriasis Results How is the data?

signs of the disease can occur in many different ways;

Plaque Psoriasis: The most common type of the disease. This type of plaque psoriasis may be limited in certain areas of the body (regional) or distributed (common type). Regional types, especially the knees, elbows, scalp, thick glossy white-gray rind in areas such as waist-to-hip, sometimes there may be itchy red floor plates. These plates form a common type of psoriasis, called plaque can keep large areas of generalized blotchy and disease in the body.
Plaque psoriasis is a kind of just holding the hands and feet. peeling red ground in palms and soles, thick, cracks can form plates. Because of the pain of the hands of the use of cracks, to do business, making it difficult to walk. This species can be confused with psoriasis, eczema.

Droplet Style Pearl (guttate psoriasis), especially, is a species that occurs after tonsil or throat infections. The plates are commonly formed as small droplets in the body. Guttate psoriasis can sometimes regressed after antibiotic treatment.

Reverse localized psoriasis (inverse psoriasis): This type of plates more than six arms, belly, places like the folds of the groin. Redness in the foreground. Skinning less. Friction, irritation increases with perspiration.

Psoriatic arthritis (psoriatic arthritis): Psoriasis can watch with rheumatic problems, as well as skin problems. Every ten psoriasis patients seen from psoriasis, inflammatory rheumatism one-two. joint problems in patients with psoriasis or a pain in several joints, swelling and redness in the style and limitation of movement. Referring physicians should be said that with such a shortage of absolute psoriasis. Again, the elbow pain, soft tissue complaints such as heel spurs can also be associated with psoriasis.

Can be seen at all the people back or low back pain patients in addition to symptoms such as difficulty in walking pearl depends on knee osteoarthritis “inflammation” is more often rheumatic problems. These are particularly important in the recognition of back pain and arthritis. Particularly inflammatory back pain at rest (ie sleep at night) and the rest is pain post-manifested. If there is such a disease we stand is stiff in the morning, it will be open during the day. Problems sometimes waist-hernia and so on. It can be mixed with diseases, dermatology and rheumatology section should therefore be consulted during prolonged back pain.

Inflammation associated with psoriasis is often treated rheumatic drugs. These medications include common drugs such as methotrexate in psoriasis only good from rheumatic drugs stop problems is the question. Dermatologists and physicians treating rheumatic complaints must therefore in close contact.

Pustular psoriasis: This type of yellow inflamed psoriasis, acne-like ridges seen. Most of the time it just gets in the palms and soles, and remains limited in this area. Much more rarely do so tiny yellow-tipped common symptoms are redness and pimples on the body. Generalized pustular psoriasis, this is a serious condition called diffuse type. Therefore it requires hospitalization in the hospital.

Erythrodermic psoriasis: A rare form. All body surfaces are available in redness and peeling. It is another severe form of the disease and hospitalized, systemic (oral drugs are given by injection under the skin or serum) is a species should be treated with medications.

Nail Psoriasis Linked to Changes: Psoriasis can make many changes to the fingernails and toenails. Some of the most common nail thickening, separation from the nail bed and the nail of tiny çökükçük (thimble quotes) formation. The risk of developing psoriasis nail involvement due to joint problems in patients who have a little more. Nail changes in psoriasis may be confused with a yeast infection. Therefore, treatment must necessarily be evaluated by a dermatologist of the nail changes necessary tests done. any changes in the nails is not a yeast infection.

Course of Psoriasis How are you?

Psoriasis prolonged; It is a disease that often lifelong. The disease shows a different and individualized for each patient navigation. In other words, psoriasis, each patient is different. Some patients are an insufficient number of plates and never increases. disease in 70% of patients in this way remains regional and light and do not spread. Sometimes the disease begins as mild and gradually dispersed. spread in this way and more severe psoriasis occurs in one out of every three patients.
Psoriasis goes with occasional flare and subside period. factors causing exacerbations; mental stress, infections of the mouth and throat, some medications, skin irritation and should not be exposed to intense sunlight uncontrolled.

Psoriasis is Contagious?

No. It does not contaminate any form of psoriasis.

Return to the Skin Cancer Is Psoriasis?

No ! Psoriasis does not increase the risk of skin cancer. However, some treatments may increase the risk of skin cancer uncontrolled used. Therefore, it is important to maintain under expert supervision of the treatment. especially in the elderly is seen in patients with psoriasis may have an increased risk of lymphoma.

Psoriasis Is it ok my child?

There is a hereditary predisposition relationship of psoriasis. This is especially true for beginners and severe disease before the age of 30, this is true. However, this does not mean that will always occur in children with psoriasis. There are up to 30% of psoriasis patients have family in psoriasis patients.

Recommended Is There a Diet of Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a disease of allergic and does not occur due to a certain food. However, excessive consumption of red meat and fatty foods in an amount of negative impact on the course of the disease. These nutrients are also the blood fat (cholesterol etc ..) are consumed careful mAlArIndA benefit is also a positive effect.

Do you have the General Health Negative Effects of Psoriasis?

In recent years psoriasis was found to predispose to cardiovascular disease and high blood fat. In particular, they are at increased risk for severe psoriasis patients. Hence, diet and lifestyle heart and for prevention of cardiovascular diseases is crucial. non-use of psoriasis patients, doing regular exercise, to maintain normal body weight, their weight loss for the overweight and balanced diet is extremely important.

Is there a relationship between psoriasis and psychological stress?

Made in exacerbation of the disease or the symptoms are triggered in the study it found that psychological stress can be effective. Stress, as well as the increase of the disease, itself constitutes in itself a source of stress disorders. Be visible symptoms, can create significant anxiety and tension and can lead to isolation from social life. However, to cope with stress is also extremely important for psoriasis as well as in terms of overall health. findings of fact can watch more moderate psoriasis of individuals cope with stress.

Treatment of psoriasis

Pearl objective symptoms of the disease or the treatment of the disease is to destroy as much as possible to reduce, avoid internal problems and to eliminate the disease may cause psychological discomfort. There are many different methods used for this purpose. Also it carried out intensive research on the disease is a disease that continuous development of new treatments. Existing treatments can ‘t eradicate the disease also can reduce symptoms effectively or may lose.
Treatment decisions while the severity of disease, prevalence, characteristics are taken into consideration regarding the impact of the patient’s quality of life and a person’s overall health. The disease is mild and regional driven drugs are used. The disease is more common or severe yanıtsızs or ultraviolet treatment to put drugs (PUVA, Narrow Band UVB, excimer laser / light) can be applied. This oral treatment taken in case of failure, the treatment can be applied in the form of needles or serum.


Sliding containing cortisone drugs (ointments, creams, etc ..):

Cortisone-containing products are effective in the treatment. Usually, skin ointments, lotions preferred forms on the scalp.
The uncontrolled use can thin the skin for a long time, you can create acne can increase hair growth. Therefore recommended by physicians product should be used within the recommended time.
In psoriasis, the use of cortisone pills or injections containing except very rare cases is absolutely incorrect. Cortisone pills and needles disease quickly suppressed, but left when they come back as severe symptoms than before.

Vitamin D Related Drugs:

The overgrowth of cells in the immune system regulatory and pearlescent texture of vitamin D has a preventive character. Unlike the kind used by applying cortisone drugs do not thin the skin, it is safe to use long term.

Anthralin (dithranol)

Nacreous inhibits excessive cell growth in tissue. not thin the skin, unlike cortisone and reliable. But there is an important side effect of staining the skin. You can get brown skin during treatment. It will disappear in a short time. Also sometimes it can irritate the skin. So very carefully and must be used within the recommended time and eyelids, under the arm, it should not be applied to sensitive areas like the groin.


skin thick and dry in psoriasis. Moisture will reduce the scaling, which reduces stress and itching. They also strengthen the effectiveness of other drug driving. They are extremely safe and useful products and supporting long-term use is safe. For all these reasons it is very important in treating psoriasis.