Eating healthy nutrition as every period of life (adequate and balanced) are also very important during the summer. Especially in the summer to meet the needs of our growing liquid with warm weather, we should consume plenty of water and liquid food. Approximately 2-2.5 Lt. reaching up liquid to ensure our needs primarily water, milk, buttermilk, kefir, tea, lemonade, we should consume liquids such as fruit juices .. Hot excessive sweating results in sodium with sweat from the body, minerals like potassium that is discarded, fatigue, heart rate weakness, fatigue, and movement disorder symptoms occur. salty buttermilk to avoid sodium depletion should be consumed plenty of fruits and vegetables in preventing potassium loss. Acidic and carbonated drinks instead of milk, fresh squeezed juices, herbal and fruit teas pharmaceutically preferences.

In summer common food poisoning and diarrhea should be paid attention to in order to protect hygiene, as well as cooking food storage rules must be observed. Hot food with an increased risk of deterioration; he is important to select a reliable place of the consumption of milk and milk products. If our defense system to protect the body; yogurt, buttermilk, kefir should consume foods such as 2-3 cups a day. Diarrhea these foods also have therapeutic effects.

Oily and paste foods consumed during the summer months; excessive heat in the body, fatigue, headaches and causes blood pressure. Therefore, especially on hot summer days, heavy pastries, the dough should avoid foods like sweets and fried food. In the warmer months to reduce as much oil as possible, it will be useful. Roast instead of grilled, steamed, boiled or opt for oven cooking methods. If you want to fry vegetables fırınlayıp little oil blending, you can enjoy roast on adding yogurt. Use a weight that two tablespoons of vegetable oil to cook.

Body plenty of vegetables to increase your resistance, try to eat salads and fruits. Vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are the food groups we need to give due place primarily in a healthy diet. Vegetables need with our overall water consumption and the amount of pulp would be embodied in our overall health benefits due to our intestinal health. In addition, because of the fruit’s sugar content, it will also reduce the tendency to sweet desserts will meet our request.
Bread choice in saturation to provide domestic products made from whole wheat flour, rye and oats prefer. Rice and pasta, and try to limit low-fat. Soups can be hot for summer. We can choose, such as a cold summer soup buttermilk soup.

The rules of life through healthy eating. Eat small and frequent, careful not to stay hungry for long. Each food group has body separately benefits. Adequate and balanced nutrition is provided by consuming adequate amounts of nutrients in the four food groups. These foods are dairy group located in milk and yogurt, meat meat located in the group, poultry, eggs, cheese and dried beans, bread in the grain group with products from fruits and vegetables, wheat, pasta, rice are foods such as corn and so on.

In the summer by increasing our physical activity (brisk walking and swimming) we receive it allows us to dispose of their excess weight in the winter. Thus the bones, muscles, and we have to protect our heart health
Start the day early, start early to eat, your metabolism will start to work early.
Dyt.Sabiha Keskin