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Not only on diet and physical activity, cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, which is associated with a very important disease that affects a large part of the population as a large number of cases of diabetes are proven to work. Almost all patients by the doctors brought some restrictions on diet and all patients and healthy individuals, due to the protective effect of the disease is known that exercise is recommended.

this guide in your hand, reduces the risk of cancer and nutrition-related issues with other lifestyle habits, health care workers and guidelines issued by the American Cancer Society at regular intervals in order to give advice to the general public it has been prepared based. Although no diet, no disease had not guarantee full protection against these guidelines to reduce the risk of cancer known today about how diet and physical activity offer the best information.

Prevention of Cancer The Importance of Diet and Physical Activity

For the majority of Americans who smoke dietary choices and physical activity are the most important modifiable determinants of cancer risk. In the United States, more than 500,000 cancer deaths that occur each year 1 / 3rd of their diet and physical activity habits, the other 1/3 are linked to tobacco use. Although if heredity risk of cancer affecting and cancer occur due to genetic mutations in cells, although the difference in cancer risk between the society and people suggest the cancer may also depend on inherited non-factor.

Tobacco use, such as a particular diet and lifelong ill people to stay active factors affect significantly the risk of developing cancer in an individual. For the healthy individual behaviors are possible with social and environmental factors as the most influential community, this guide contains clear advice for the first time social behavior. American Cancer Society guidelines for nutrition and physical activity is published to give advice to health professionals and the general public on issues related to dietary and other lifestyle habits that reduce the risk of cancer. American Cancer Society of Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee by these guidelines updated in 2001, the risk of cancer with diet and physical activity among studies in humans as well as in laboratory experiments in connection established are based on current scientific evidence.
These guidelines reflect the latest state of the scientific evidence. as well as recent findings are both studies are still a lot of care available is not conclusive evidence for it is inconsistent. Although randomized controlled trials are the gold standard for scientific evidence that although the results are not yet available. Diet, inferences about the many complex relationships associated with physical activity and cancer risk is based on observational studies, together with a better understanding of cancer biology.

The current scientific evidence relative basis between common cancer and the main components of the diet are summarized. Given the totality of the evidence from different sources as well as the benefits of these guidelines is a reduction in cancer risk and address the comprehensive health benefits. Although no diet, no disease had not guarantee full protection against these guidelines to reduce the risk of cancer known today about how diet and physical activity offer the best information. American Cancer Society Guidelines by contacts with health and human services department where the interests of the American Heart Association to prevent coronary artery disease, Nutrition Guidelines for Americans is akin to promoting public health identified in 2000.

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