Newborn Care and Breastfeeding and Nutrition

best beef sütüdür.ann mother milk for feeding the newborn is primarily a clean food. Preparation is not hassle heating is always ready to use. It is easy to digest and protects infants from disease. Especially ‘first milk mouth,’ ‘I said colostrum known after birth, the first one – must be given the child within 2 hours. Colostrum is a dark yellow color, is more viscous. Mother first four months out of the water, in addition to the baby milk, sugar water, herbal tea (tea, lime, fennel) is given. The first 4-6 months just to give breast milk meets all the needs of the baby.

Mother is the most important factor in providing the baby sucking the milk and continue to be made. As long as you want and baby should be breastfed in the amount they want. Average duration of breastfeeding 15 – 20 minutes, the average breastfeeding range of 2-3 hours. both breasts during breastfeeding may deveril. In this case, it should start from the last one after the machine chest breastfed breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Baby

  • If your baby whenever you want, or 2 – Breastfeed every 3 hours.
  • Check whether clean gold before breastfeeding.
  • Remove the breast replacing the absolute gas.
  • With 20 minutes to absorb your baby from both breasts at each feeding it is adequate.
  • If you want to suck again, nursed in the same way after an hour together.
  • Always remove the gas at the end of breastfeeding.
  • Your baby, after waiting for 15 minutes to digest the fact that absorb change
  • Healthy babies be allowed to sleep for 5-6 hours.

Baby’s Room

  • Ensure that the room temperature between 21-24 degrees. Keep the thermometer.
  • To ensure the moisture balance in the room during the winter put a bowl of water or wet towels on the heater.

Admission form of baby

  • Lay your baby to fold the curved neck of the shoulder.
  • Why do not cover heavy blanket or quilt. (You can move your legs relaxed.)
  • Prolonged tilt. (Admission during the day as you exceed a total of 10 minutes, five minutes.)
  • The lay prone for a long time. (The first two months, you can put your eyes in the lurch, not to exceed 10 minutes before being provided. Cheek for five minutes, five minutes, lay on the other cheek.

 Bath and body care baby

  • You can make your baby a bath every evening.
  • Each bathroom can use shampoo. (Shampoo 2-3 times a week would be appropriate to use.)
  • Bathroom per plug after the headline for 1 hour. (Babies lose heat from the very beginning part.)
  • With olive oil once or twice a week or almond oil.

Baby clothes

  • The tight clothing, dress your baby. (Tight clothes restrict the movement of your baby.)
  • Reversing wash their clothes iron the reverse.
  • Clothing labels can irritate  skin, remove them.
  • Too much dressing your baby in the summer. (Write a flannel body wraps, gloves and socks would be sufficient.)

Nail clipper

  • Cutting the first month of your baby’s nails because it is soft.

Day care

  • Your baby’s body can be seen sunlight in a room behind the curtains in the morning and evening sun field.
  • Devita 3 spoons of oral drops 5 drops every day data.

Vaccine Book

  • Carefully follow your baby’s immunizations.
  • Bring absolute control while the vaccination book.
  • The first 15 days of the date of check book vaccine before you come to our hospital with the baby come to room. (This will be your baby’s blood for necessary checks.)
  • When you go to another health care provider to bring the vaccine in the book.

Hepatitis B vaccine

Your baby ‘Hepatitis B’ ‘The first dose of the vaccine, when it was born. The second dose 1 month, will be the third dose at 6 months.

Subheadings relating to newborn care;

Baby is a basic requirement.

some hormones secreted during sleep, providing growth and development.
Sleep duration, sleep and waking hours are genetically determined and are personalized.




Sleeping Baby

Man in a certain place and a certain time position to ensure compliance and implementation of the various ways to make it happen.

Unspent, no need for sleep, for the imposition of a child does not want to sleep is stress.

Normal sleep patterns

Newborn babies are 17-18 hours a day,

16-17 hours per day when they are a month old,

They sleep up to 15 hours per day at 3-4 months. A third of the four months, takes place both night sleep.



favorable environment for sleep
temperature 18 degrees, the children’s bedroom must be lower than 21-24 degrees and the newborn baby.
To avoid hitting the furniture in the room should be a dim light.
Beds must be hard-surfaced, should not be used pillows, quilts and cotton should be light.

favorable environment for sleep
Before going to bed reading a book, listening to soft music or a lullaby to say it may make it easier to fall asleep.
In the evening, lay asleep should be a pleasant and every day “sleep ceremony” should be applied.
home where the baby should not be smoking.

Newborn – Skin Care
in the womb before birth, in the amniotic sac, live in constant water. The residue is contacted with an air postnatal skin and clothing. Baby skin is thinner and more sensitive than adult skin, particularly when the new born. So it is quick irritation. In the early days dry and may peel off. Or sometimes there may be redness.
needs to be done is to keep the baby’s skin clean and moist. Warm season every day should be washed at least twice a week during the cold season. However, the first bath should be made one day after the umbilical cord dries and falls. During this time, you can delete your baby every day by protecting the heart with baby oil or lotion. Belly up to the Duchess, not the umbilical cord has been put into the drop cloth, insert excluding the cloth. This way of ducking the urine is clear that the umbilical cord to prevent the transmission of germs and you will be catching germs.
The baby is the most frequently contaminated cloth in place. So it is in this area, the most common skin irritations. Change diapers frequently, keep the genital area clean and dry skin irritation, and it is very important to prevent diaper rash. Preventive maintenance and use of diaper rash creams do not mind. You can consult your doctor cream to be used. If we say the rash is skin irritation despite your full attention to driving more than 3 days if consult a doctor.
In the first weeks of the baby’s skin it is extremely sensitive indeed. If used with cotton soaked in warm water and lower maintenance, longer irritate the skin and protect it from peeling easier. Because baby girl in particular, to the mucosa with lower genital skin care also should be cleaned. According to irritate the skin and mucous membranes easier.

ATTENTION! care for your baby even when you do make sure your hands are clean.
The first week you may have skin problems such as rash or color change in the form of jaundice may encounter. Do not forget to do the best observed and described what their skin changes and please contact your doctor.

Belly care; twice a day, morning and evening to make alcohol umbilical cord care.
The evening will leave them a bath in the bathroom as the umbilical cord care.
Keep your belly belly baby care fall further after sonra2 day.

Eye care; If the burring your baby’s eyes, a clean handkerchief, wipe the inside out by soaking the boiled cooled water
Even though the eyes of a burring Note that you must delete the two eyes
Wipe each eye with a different side of the handkerchief.

Nose care; If your baby’s stuffy nose, two drops 3-4 times a day, use physiological serum.

Nail care; The cut-off for the first month of your baby soft tabs

cleaning the baby’s bottom; Clean your baby’s gold had warmed boiled water to wash or wipe the front to back with water from the waist down.
Do not use cotton wiping your baby’s nappy.
also available in cloth diaper rash cream, but olive oil is a good protector

Gas Problem

İnfantilkolik, Gas Problem (Infant colic)
Healthy developing baby 2 weeks after emerging from birthday, the specific time that occurred, crying often not attributable to any cause that continues until 3.ada.

Often 15-30%, more common in males
Fed with breast milk is more rare
The etiology is unknown
The most widely accepted explanation: the early newborn period that there was a prohibitive warnings from outside the mechanism, the first week after the blocking mechanism ceased to exist and the form has become more aware and sensitive to the baby’s external stimulus. Stimulating infants under bombardment in the evening thoroughly stretched and stimulated. After all, unexplained crying is seen.

How is the treatment of colic?
For Colic has no known cause, there is no definitive treatment. the case of applications made for colic seems to work for a very small part. In fact, the findings of colic leave time for the solution of the problem to disappear, so wait for the baby’s growth and thus to end the colic is the most meaningful approach. However, it is possible to reduce the intensity of the cry of some behavioral therapy.

What are calming techniques?
These techniques are described in English in 5-S:
Swaddling (arson), protected from extreme heat to keep, head covering, and with the help of plenty of loose blankets, made by allowing it to curl the hips arson
Side: Side hospitalization or to sleep in the supine position
Sııss sound: the ear of the baby making sounds Silica
Shaking: Always supporting the head and neck, small shaking movements, so as not to be done more than once a forward-backward movement.
Sucking (suction): pacifier or finger sucking.
These use a combination of techniques, reducing the crying spells.
What is the purpose of baby massage?
most developed senses that can be used to communicate to the moment of birth the newborn, “touch” the senses. The sense of touch, especially the lips, tongue, ears and to be taken in the whole body is very well developed and infancy is very important in the perception of the child’s environment. When the baby to him touched, establishes a relationship with the environment so that when embraced and supported psycho-social development. One of the ways that parents can use to communicate with the baby is a baby massage. Massage, and to feel the baby is the best way to touch her. games between parents and child, is of great importance in the interaction.

Baby massage, supporting the baby’s physical and mental aspects of development, with numerous benefits of simple, cheap, effective method and also is a relaxation technique. Massage your baby’s healthy growth, development, accelerate blood circulation, muscle – skeletal system development and intestines accumulated gas extraction as well as the many physiological benefits such as to strengthen the communication link with the baby’s mother and father, their time together is a time that makes it fun and quality.

Physical and psychological benefits

Physical benefits:
touch by accelerating the blood flow, it increases the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues.
Muscle, nerve and skeletal system supports the development of nerve-muscle coordination.
It regulates the flow of lymph, removing toxins, strengthens the immune system, so frequent fever in infancy, gives resistance to infection such as influenza.
Touch by increasing the secretion of the hormone endorphin, a natural painkiller, alleviate baby. teething in childhood, vaccination, sleep problems, it is effective in relieving pain in the ear.
improving bowel movement, it enables the alleviation of constipation or gas problem.
Reduce colic attacks, it deepens sleep at night.
It provides rapid absorption of nutrients, ensuring that babies in premature infants gain weight rapidly.

Psychological benefits:
skin contact between mother and baby, as well as mother-infant bonding process provides a positive contribution to breastfeeding. skin contact with the mother of the baby, “prolactin” hormone stimulates the production, increase milk production. spending more time with the baby, the tactile contact, massage apply mothers, and their babies has been shown to increase the ability of breastfeeding longer they breastfeed. In addition, research, skin to skin contact with the mother after the birth of babies who breast search, retention and absorption, themselves, are determined to achieve unaided.

Other benefits of massage are as follows:
The sense of touch gives the feeling that the baby is safe.
Strengthen the mother-infant bonding process and reinforces the trust between them.
Tension, anxiety and reduce fear, provides tranquility and relaxation.
Seeing that calm the baby’s mother, it will help to build the self-confidence and feelings of motherhood in a short time to develop.


Massage preparations

Mother / father and baby, make adjustments to an environment undisturbed as possible. For example, take the phone to silent mode, the outer door “do not disturb” notices like to hang out …
Room ensure that the warm heat, in a place where there is no air flow, the objects could fall on the baby, tea / coffee making away from hot drinks such as massage …
Placing the distance to reach the material to be used …
Both mother / father and baby in terms of ease of use of music and aromatic essences. Music will also give a massage to the rhythm.

Massage every day and should be done at the right time. The baby is not hungry, it is a time of peace and ready to massage should be selected. Baby massage should be postponed if tired and grumpy period. At the appropriate time, the food is not digested and not after the baby is 1-1.5 hours from the time when feeding hungry.

Mother / father of the preparation:
washing hands, not the hands of the appropriate temperature, the nails are short, rings, jewelry, such as making sure that removed the wristband.
Mother or father, must pass in front of the baby, that makes eye contact and continued during the massage.

Mother / father in the cradle position for older babies, toddlers can massage on his knee. Cradle position of mother / father sit on the floor, his back is against the wall, bending your knees, soles of feet combine, holding the knee, it gives a similar way to the cradle and place the baby in the middle of the knee. This position holds both the baby warm, but also allow the baby to feel safe.

How to?
to talk to the baby during the massage, kissing the eye contact, small game also will increase the enjoyment from massage to both sides.
Hands lightly lubricated, before starting with the lightest touch, baby Accustomed hands slightly suppressed.
Massage is no particular order, the request must be tailored to the baby, the mother can develop their own methods over time. The following steps are prepared only a basic guide. Some names have been given to maneuver Easy to remember.

Both hands of the thumb is placed on the forehead of the baby is moved towards the temple, he repeated the same maneuver in the brow line.
Nose root pat maneuver is done in the right cheek, the same process is repeated toward the upper and the lower jaw to the temples.
Smile maneuver; move the lower jaw to the temples of thumb is given expression baby smile moved in.

Both palms are placed on the baby’s chest. Hands like a book page translation is done by moving round a circular maneuvers (Book pages turning maneuver).
Hands chest topics, each hand is moved to the shoulder of the cross (crossover maneuver).

removing the baby’s arms, underarms made a circular motion.
Done right övde rubbing the wrist, the same process is repeated to the body wrist.
Two-handed baby’s arm is removed, it includes a hand, the other hand to be moved out (Burma maneuver).
Baby’s hand back, rubbed the palm and each finger with a tiny circle.

Abdominal massage, accelerate bowel movements, it helps digestion, prevent constipation, reduce gas pains and provide relief to the baby.
To every maneuver is done right clockwise direction, which is the output of the intestine and ends on the left side and bottom of the baby’s stomach.

Sand pull maneuver: Hands kubbeleştirilerek, placed on the stomach and intestines to transmit gas in the stomach, hands moved down the dome-shaped pulls like sand. It is repeated six times.

Sun-month maneuver: the left hand is placed in the 11-hour line drawn around the abdomen and a full round (solar). The other hand draws a month a half hour from 11 to 5 level. This maneuver is repeated 6 times.
Knees bent 10 seconds left to stand on his own body or moved back and forth slightly. Thus, opening the anus, it is assisting the emergence of the baby’s gas.

Executive maneuver: Hand 2-3 fingertip is placed in the lower right side of the baby’s stomach. Top, side and made a move toward the lower right side, our labor under par tried to felt that there is gas, gas bubbles are directed towards the outside of the fingers if executed bowel.

I Love You Maneuver: Inspired by English words initials, hands, abdomen, from top to bottom on the left side before the “I” letter draws. Then the right side of the upper abdomen baby by the left of the inverted “L” draws. Finally, starting from the bottom right corner of the baby’s stomach, to finish in the bottom left corner of an inverted “U” is drawn. This maneuver while the baby a loving tone, “I love you” is called.

Is the same as the arm massage.
Heel, back of the feet and toes should not forget to draw tiny circles.

Baby face down blanket / pillow is deposited.
Index and middle fingers of both hands, both sides of the spine (not above) the subject is done correctly tiny circular movements from the shoulders to the hips.
To complete the massage, gently pat the neck from the back to the hip (Strokes maneuver). Massage is completed with the same maneuvers every day. Thus, after a while, the baby will understand that this movement is the movement to terminate the massage and the expectations for the massage will be terminated.