Urinary incontinence, the bladder that is defined as the flow of urine from the bladder out of our will. Urine leakage often large intestine in some special cases we urinary fistula Although the urethra, skin or female sexual organ (vagina), be it through.

Do not miss any gender and urine at various ages, types, causes and treatments are based on different reasons. However, patients usually there is only one case of urinary incontinence, urinary medications kidnappers mild, more severe urine if the kidnappers were treated surgically thinkers. In fact, this fact; While that is true for a patient of a treatment of choice for patients will be mistaken for another patient needs to be explained very well.

Urinary incontinence is actually seen much more often than we think; but a problem with socio neglected to contact the physician or why not in the statement. It can be seen at any age and gender. Urinary incontinence is not a single disease. In other words, do not miss any urine is not the same. Different types and causes of these different types are available. Therefore ways of treatment varies depending on the type and cause of urinary incontinence. Sometimes only impairs the quality of life; that a person’s social, makes it affects the family and professional life. But sometimes, in addition, may or under serious neurological or hormonal disorder problem. Delayed diagnosis in such a case can cause other systemic problems.

According to our general understanding did for us as we think of urinary incontinence can kill innocent although unhappy situation? Answer: Yes … How? For example, chronic renal failure and blood poisoning (blood microbe involved, sepsis), leading … Here men before us this series, then we will examine women and finally the children with urinary incontinence diagnosed and in light of recent developments in treatment.

Incontinence in men

Men more than women actually lucky because the muscle that holds urine more robust and males do not live childbirth trauma can disrupt this structure. Therefore it is less likely than women in the general male urinary incontinence. But when it disrupts the quality of life seen more than women. Perhaps this is why a urologist immediately ran to the male urinary incontinence, urinary incontinence in women who do not observe the same behavior. Women especially can perceived as a natural consequence of aging incontinence above a certain age. Or they are embarrassed to say. If an incontinence treatment lived an example of a failure to apply environmental prevents the physician’s women miss this urine. Many women living with mild to moderate urinary missed with a pad that is placed inside the underwear continues without resorting to any physician. However, a small amount of urine in a greater tendency to consult a physician if men fled.

Most Common Causes of Urinary Incontinence in men

At the end of dripping urine: When people stand up here after finishing urination is meant or when you pull the underwear is continuing to come in the form of urine dripping. Sometimes leak urine will soak up the clothes can be observed and can be quite annoying. Although they can often be seen in all ages when men are associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. In cases of bladder outlet obstruction caused by enlarged prostate, the operation to remove the ingrown portion of the urethra into the prostate (prostatectomy) may be lost after opening the blockage. Outside the path of urine that occurs over the years, the walls of the large intestine, small bubbles (diverticula) may lead to the formation of urine dripping end. In such cases, removal of the bubble and may improve the repair of urinary tract problems. dripping of urine after treatment may arise outside of these conditions it may be more difficult. Unfortunately, in these difficult cases, medical treatment is not satisfactory. teach some techniques for the external urinary tract in patients who do not respond to treatment more effective discharge can be useful.

Prostate enlargement due to bladder outlet obstruction of urinary incontinence which is caused by the time treatment: After a 50-year-old man is quite common in prostate enlargement, a condition that is sometimes seen in the much earlier age. Each prostate growth does bladder outlet obstruction. However, his case can not be treated in time may disturb the degree of irreversibility of the high hydrostatic pressure bladder wall formed in the bladder and the bladder may become both storage and unable to discharge the duties and bladder due to overactivity compression type or overflow due to the bladder muscle weakness type may occur incontinence. Although reduced the number of urine due to miss such an increase in awareness and knowledge of our patients, however, they are among the causes of urinary incontinence, we see most often. medical treatments for bladder muscles besides eliminating the obstruction due to prostate enlargement treatment is applied.

Do not miss the prostate seen after surgery urine: we apply, especially in the treatment of prostate cancer radical that the entire prostate removal with the seminal vesicles operations, more rarely that holds good after benign prostatic surgery urine “urethral sphincter” because of damage to the structure called occur. exercise to strengthen the sphincter muscle in the treatment refers to the surgical and medical agents as a last resort. Installing the gold standard surgical treatment are surgery, artificial urethral sphincter.

Which Heralds of the disease?

Prostate disorders and their treatment can cause incontinence in men. This incidence is increasing with aging, especially outside of what we say in systemic and neurologic diseases can lead to urinary incontinence in both men and women. Sometimes they give clues as the first symptom of the disease. Examples include diabetes (diabetes), Parkinson’s disease and stroke (cerebrovascular events) can be given. It also reminds us again that there is a real symptoms of urinary incontinence should not be neglected. Of course, when a diagnosis of this disease is the target of treatment because of the bladder cause of bladder incontinence in patients with neurogenic (nerve leading from) We know that the deterioration in control. Get to know the success of the introduction of an early treatment and prevention of permanent changes in the bladder is vital.

To be protected

Subscribe routine after the age of 40 years urological controls.

To ensure correct use of the bladder, do not hold your urine for a long time and take care of sufficient fluid intake.

In any urinary symptoms, consult a urologist immediately.

Prof. Dr. Tufan Tarcan