Do you really want a baby?

This problem must be provided with the wives responded. If the two sides “now it is time that we have a baby” he says, needs assessment process ahead. If you want a baby and you have no problems in terms of fertility, you have a 25 per cent chance of pregnancy each cycle. Relationship frequency, timing can affect your age and pregnancy.
Children with 10 percent of adults in the era will be – 15 there is also the possibility of encounter with infertility problems. However, this problem can be overcome to a large extent today, the various treatment methods. Baby waiting period before the couple must decide to enter it.
For the realization of a healthy birth, mothers feel ready himself to this very special event of great importance.
It should not be forgotten that being a mother is not to be afraid of, but rather is a cause of joy and boasting. At first it must feel for his wife and other relatives mothers.

Preparation Pregnancy

before pregnancy, the first question to be answered must be:
Am I ready for motherhood?
Thought to be ready for motherhood as very important; however, in terms of health it should also be noted that mothers should be ready for it.
If applicable, the first steps with the support of some blood tests before pregnancy vitamins and disposable.
When considering pregnancy should consult a doctor. 3 months before pregnancy for the health of the baby started, the first 3 months of pregnancy, folic acid supplementation continued to be made may be appropriate. These supplements, some deformations may occur in infants can be reduced by 50%.
In terms of how to do the birth last month of pregnancy should be considered a normal pregnancy.
Ideally, it is a normal birth. Today, however, preferable cesarean section, depending on various factors. This choice in particular for health reasons and as previously gave birth by cesarean section to be factors may play a role.

What should be done?

The first 4 months and made some tests carried out together with ultrasound + blood test is required for all pregnant women.
In addition, special health condition, age related problems and may have additional tests in pregnant women with genetic problems.
pregnant women for the treatment of any systemic disease would not be right to suggest the bold.
attention to a baby must also be shown to mothers during pregnancy.

Both babies are extremely important to be in regular contact with the physician for the realization of a healthy birth for the mother.
Mothers as well as with the terms of the result in the birth of a healthy relationship between doctor and mother bears significance in terms of the consolidation of confidence. These relations have overcome their fears through to the mother’s birthday, won a confident now ready to take the baby in her lap identity.

Pregnancy Women How Does It Work?

Pregnancy is one of the most important processes of a woman’s life. This process can bring such joy to the mother, you can drag him to pessimism.
One of the most important health problems developing depression during and after pregnancy. In the perinatal it called. Depression symptoms are often delayed because of the difference in behavior that has similarities with the natural process after pregnancy.

Symptoms include:
Sleep problems (sleeping decrease or increase)
Intense emotional reactions (sadness and hopelessness)
Weight gain
Decreased or increased appetite
Restless and irritability
Excessive crying feeling
Loss of energy and motivation
Difficulty concentrating and difficulty making decisions
Feeling worthless and guilty
Interest and loss of appetite
to get away with friends and loved ones
Somatic complaints (headache, heart palpitations)
Impairments on Mental Health Factors

Unwanted pregnancies, regrets and worries about the new process may adversely impact the mental balance of women.

The main factors are as follows:
be deprived of the support of family and friends
Concerns about the baby
medical problems and other life problems experienced during pregnancy
Difficulties in relationships with spouse
At a young age to become pregnant
The presence of similar psychiatric problems in the family
Drug and alcohol use.
The main factors facilitating the formation of depression after pregnancy:
fatigue after birth
Sleep divisions
Rest before continuing to care
to be crushed under the weight after birth
overly concerned about the role of motherhood
Increased post-natal care and home affairs
And wanting to do everything exactly perfect
The idea that identity is lost before pregnancy
It decreased sensation of freedom to use the time
The sense that it difficult to meet their demands
Increased home last time
can not set aside time for yourself so old
Women How to behave?

The mothers are in the mood for a balanced pregnancy before and after the application is true:
Relax. you also sleep when your baby sleeps.
Do not pressure yourself. Do what you can do the rest.
Ask for help. Your spouse and ask for concrete help from your relatives for certain things.
Your wife, your friend, talk to your relatives, share how you feel.
Do not be alone for long.
Make a short walk.
Spend time with your spouse.
Chat with other parents, get information.
Get help from experts if necessary.
Postpartum Period

Postpartum women, but the recipes can feel he will be in the impossible feelings.
Close to the major task in this process is reduced.
Full attention should not be directed towards the baby mother pushed aside.
Mother, should feel like a bear himself only tool.
Children should be allowed to be shown interest, even from the mother.
the pride of womanhood should be rubbed with laudatory mention.
not regret it leads to pride must be ensured.
Especially now that his family elders must accept that a mother and her baby grow assume responsibility, it should feel it.
Mother in the process
Never heavy lifting.
It should pay attention to nutrition.
must comply with the advice of a physician.
It should refrain from breastfeeding.
Baby Nutrition

Feeding the baby breast milk is the ideal food. However, the physician will advise when it is not given breast milk with other foods. Day 8 – 12 times the breast should be given.
Develop healthy baby is fed only breast milk for the first 6 months. Even in this process does not require water.

Breast milk:
Protect the baby from illness, it gives him immunity.
Diarrhea, pneumonia, protects the heart and bowel disease.
Baby protects from constipation.
Baby ensures more intelligent.
It reduces the risk of sudden cot death.
It reduces the likelihood of infant allergies.
All this as well as to breastfeed:
It allows women to return more quickly to balance the body.
Female protects breast cancer and osteoporosis.
Accelerate the uterus becomes normal.
It strengthens the emotional bond between baby and mother.

Especially in traffic unless it is necessary in the next months.
Sit in the back seat of the vehicle.
Install the seat belt to protect the baby in one sentence.
Use of iodized salt.
Stay away from stress.

Mother candidates relatives!

Pregnancy, increases the sensitivity of the female; sensitive and become brittle. Be understanding towards her.
after the 6th month of pregnancy, hips, waist, shoulder muscle spasms can relax in some vineyards. These changes in posture and muscle and connective waist, back pain, and in many regions, can cause numbness and cramping. They removed by massage.

husband of the mother!

Treat your partner during this period much more compassionate as men.
The first massage will relax your partner.
Your pregnant wife; head, neck, scalp, hand, arm, foot and leg massage will make to both the mother and baby happy.

Advice to mothers

Never use alcohol and cigarettes to the health of the baby. Avoid smoking environment.
Take regular walks every day. In case you are sitting down to work, get up and walk every hour for 5 minutes.
Mobile phone
Do not carry your cell phone on you; Carry your purse. Long conversation with a mobile phone.
The heavy transport during pregnancy, weight lifting, exercise care when bent doğrulurk.
Magnetic field
In shopping centers, airports, passing through the magnetic field used for security purposes.
Do not use nylon and tight clothing during pregnancy. Wear low-heeled shoes full of feet and fit.
Sexual intercourse
To have sexual intercourse in the first and last pregnancy. Other period also act according to the advice of your dotoru.
Airplane trip
You can travel during pregnancy. However, after 32 weeks of making air travel.
Home accidents
The protected from common accidents at home, hit, slipping, take precautions against falling.
Obstetrics and Gynecology Department