Revenues experienced early menopausal discomfort. Although still undiscovered real reason is thought to be that changes in the hypothalamus thermoregulation center in the brain. When the body appointed by the hypothalamus initiates arrangements for reducing heat gain. Expansion of capillaries close to the skin becomes, this may result in the face and neck to appear red. Sweating realized tried to reduce body temperature. Pulse acceleration and appears along with palpitations. Hot flashes are mostly chills, followed by chills. Rarely, some women just live with the feeling of tremor.

It can prevent severe sleep at night but not enough to wake the experienced hot flashes. If sweating experienced very heavy it is called night sweats. According to the beliefs of people who have irritable accepted, the menopause, irregular sleep causes fatigue, fatigue irritation.

Hot pressing is not the only reason to menopause, in some medical conditions (thyroid disease, infections, cancer rarely) may cause these symptoms. In addition, certain treatments for breast cancer, tamoxifen, raloxifene can cause hot flushes for osteoporosis. women with these symptoms should be investigated for cause by the physician.

Over undergone the operation, the women entered menopause have severe hot flashes surgery. Symptoms begin immediately after surgery and continues for longer than women entered menopause naturally.

Menopausal hot flashes are connected to the pharmaceutically tolerated or distress, you can create shyness or person may weaken. Most women will experience hot flashes by up to 3 to 5 years.

Rarely, some women do not experience any of these symptoms, some only a few months to live. Sometimes it continues long stretches up to age 70. when the symptoms will start or end there is a method which envisages.

Hot flashes often increases with stress associated with palpitations, it can be accompanied by a feeling of anxiety. Disturbed transmitter findings may resemble symptoms of panic attacks.


To treat hot flashes are so many options listed below will be required. The best treatment of the severity of symptoms, quality of life that affect how health profile, is done according to personal preference.

Lifestyle changes:

also does not see much support by research, no loss is a cheaper method. Sometimes it can improve hot flashes.

avoiding stimulus that triggers hot flashes (eg hot environments, hair dryer, hot drinks, hot food), alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes to use.

exercising regularly to reduce stress, provide restful sleep. Meditation, yoga, biofeedback, relaxing methods such as acupuncture or massage

Use cotton clothing, serinleştiril of the environment with air conditioning, a pillow under apply cold packs to keep cold water to wake up in the night table. read the book to go back to sleep, sweating and moisture use attractive bed linen

Using the abdominal muscles at the beginning of hot flushes deep, slow breathing from the nose and mouth to breathe.

Prescription drugs:

If specified by the user provides the benefits are unproven benefits of scientific studies. Many experts believe that the benefits seen in the “placebo effect,” he thinks, and this is shown by the placebo effect benefit studies.

Isoflav Philippines (poor, effective plant estrogens) are mostly found in soy foods, it may also be found in dietary supplements as drugs. Moderately hot pressing to reduce by 15% to 30%, it was detected. In contrast, other studies have found these drugs ineffective. Day 1 or 2 servings of soy foods is received (25 g soy protein) was found to be more beneficial than diet drug support. Soy beans or nuts are wounded option. not recommended for people who have had breast cancer.

“Black cohosh” contains can reduce hot flashes dietary supplement medications. Remifemin ® which this product is manufactured under best quality control in Germany. 2 times a day 20mg tablets reduces moderate fire to push the use of 8 to 12 weeks, but all the studies could not prove it. Side effects gastrointestinal side effects are rarely as liver damage. wide-ranging conducted a study day 40mg 1 year use period with black cohosh thickening people endometrium was observed. research on the use of more than one year, are not known effects is not data.

Tropical progesterone creams, tablets containing plant primrose oil, ginseng, kava, the effectiveness of products such as sage has not been proven by scientific studies.

Prescription drugs:

This group of drugs proven most effective drugs to severe hot flashes. All have side effects or contraindications. It may not be suitable for every woman.

Systemic estrogen therapy: low doses and are known as the most effective preventive treatment of hot flashes. for hot flashes F.D.A. (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) is the only treatment approved. Approved indication is for moderate to severe hot flashes. Some women began treatment immediately benefit While most provide maximum effect with 6 to 12 weeks of use. Systemic therapy when used at the lowest dose possible, be dissociated from the damage it will bring a high dose and long duration using the lowest.

Other hormonal drugs: These groups are not approved for the indication of hot flashes also be used as official drugs for these complaints. For example, without the need for birth control, but complaints of hot flashes you can use birth control pills contain a healthy nonsmokers available perimenopausal woman’s estrogen-progesterone.

non-hormonal drugs: no option to use hormones in people is concerned. This group of drugs has not received official approval for the treatment of hot flashes, but some research is supported by the consequences. Gabapentin used in migraine or epilepsy treatment in this group (Neurontin), paroxetine used in the treatment of depression (Paxil), fluoxetine (Prozac), venlafaxine (Effexor), hypertension, used to treat methyldopa (Alfamet), and clonidine.
It should be noted that, with treatment discontinuation symptoms may occur again, one must be in contact with the physician or the side effects of the treatment process occurs every time. The recommended treatment for estrogen-cut shape, the shape of the cut in terms of reducing the symptoms come back.

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