Hernia (Hernia) What is it?

General surgery on hernia, located in the abdominal wall of the abdominal organs or other body cavity or tears the weakened area (eg. Gastric hernia) means to get out. If you leave this out because of the abdominal wall consists of a swelling.

Swelling often occurs from time to time, the quality is lost. This is typical for a hernia. If you need to talk about the hernia swelling overwhelmed if I ever lost.


What causes a hernia?

Hernia occurs when the weak points occurring later or congenital. increases intra-abdominal pressure situations it facilitates the formation of a hernia. Heavy lifting, pregnancy, chronic coughing, straining for reasons such as chronic constipation is one of the reasons that help hernia formation.


Types and symptoms of hernia

It can be roughly divided into three main categories.

  1. Inguinal hernias (inguinal hernia); organs in the abdomen through the inguinal canal in the groin (in men is sometimes enough to create a swelling in the bag.
  2. Umbilical hernias (umbilical hernia); swelling of the heart.
  3. Wound hernias (incisional hernia); Symptoms are swelling with people who have the surgery at the place of work.

The most common symptoms of patients with hernias, which are pain, swelling and rupture point.


Hernia diagnosis

Hernia medical examination (general surgeon) is detected during. A significant number of patients a doctor already aware that the income of the hernia. Mostly it does not require an extra method. If in doubt, the presence of radiographic imaging (ultrasound, computed tomography, MRI), or endoscopy (for stomach hernia) may be required.


What is strangulated hernia? (Incarcerated hernia)

Squeezing herniated abdominal organs in the abdominal wall into the abdominal again sneak period. That means that the hernia swelling prolonged and painful condition. Urgent intervention is required. Because the bodies trapped in the abdominal wall (eg. Intestinal) supply to deteriorate gangrene formation may occur. When this occurs it can be prevented with a hernia that may require excision of the tissue gangrene arrive up to life threatening situations.



Hernia surgery is the only treatment. available it is necessary to repair the tear or poor surgical field. Although it seems workarounds relaxes patients, such as corsets or groin, mostly because when they come to apply to the state hernia hernia patients grow more overwhelmed or when there is a negative contribution to the treatment process.

When referring to a suspected hernia surgeon general is to be done without losing time to the treatment.