Gynecological diseases today have gone far ahead of treating and has taken on an important public health tasks. Bunda’s doctor that the most important factor is that women most often come to the gynecologist. The main aim of trying to prolong the life of women to prevent disease and improve quality of life.

The check-up of female external genitalia at birth, begins with the examination. before puberty should be informed about the re-evaluation by a gynecologist and female puberty stages. During this period, it is important to put the diagnosis of imperforate hymen. During this period, women should be given information about the sexual functions. This approach is weak in countries like ours where sex education is important. in our women about sexually transmitted diseases and contraception methods can be informed during these inspections.

Women are beginning sexual life should go to the controls on an annual basis. Cervical smear taken during the first 3 years of these checks next inspection is important. In the following years and smear examination can be more infrequent purchases.

cardiovascular diseases are the most common causes of death in women. These controls to prevent cardiovascular risk factors should be carefully evaluated. traces of cancer, heart disease cause of death. 2 most common cancer among women in breast and lung cancer mortality. All kinds of not smoking cigarettes during the control effort should be made. For breast cancer, women should be trained in the examination of their breasts. Besides, 18 – of the breast in women between the ages of 39 to be examined by a doctor every 3 years is also important. Annual mammograms after age 40 are required to withdraw. cancer screening for colon cancer in women over the age of 50 are added. Annual investigation of occult blood in the stool and made a sigmoidoscopy every 5 years is recommended.

Women, when he was a child should be checked by a gynecologist request. Screening of common diseases such as diabetes that can affect the pregnancy is important. but those with diabetes can be diagnosed in 65%, while others remained hidden not investigated. These figures indicate that a significant watching how insidious this disease public health problem. but also to women considering pregnancy it is also important to give support vitamins such as folic acid. This is especially important in children’s health at the same time. Using the previous 2 months before the start of pregnancy in subsequent pregnancies for people with neural tube defects and stories within the first 3 months of pregnancy, folic acid is required.

Each absolute control of obesity and women should be given advice on exercise. Body mass index should be calculated and recommended diet if necessary.

every woman from puberty to age 39, as the above suggests, should go to a gynecologist at least 3 years. These controls, or “check-up” s in the gynecological examination, breast examination and some biochemical parameters (HDL as LDL) should be evaluated. There is no indication of the need or ultrasound or other imaging techniques. After 40 years and increasing the frequency of controls is reduced in a year. Mammography are “check-up” is added to s. USG screening for ovarian cancer is not recommended at this time there is no need to be made again if the USG indication. An initiative such as this 50-year sigmoidoscopy examinations and tests to “check-up” is added to s.

The woman understood as a “check-up” is a dynamic concept unstable. It varies according to the female’s age and risk factors. For example, mother and aunt had breast cancer in premenopausal women to look for these tests should be added to the BRCA1 and 2 mutations.

Our women we maintain quality and longevity are important for gynecologists.