Students and families

We know that many students have difficulty in test-intensive work such as OSS and OKS. So where it should be up to the extreme limit of the load? For months, even years, of up to 8-10 hours of work per day, the student’s health, especially Does he leave deep scars on mental health?

Teachers, like parents can also be approached very strict about it. What if students worked so hard, they’re so very pleased. But when considering the mental health of students, evaluating the best way of productive work time and important. TV, game, movie, or not possible to achieve success by limiting the ride. Students who lift his head from the book is known by everyone can not always be successful.

Anxiety, in general, may be considered as a negative emotion is actually extremely necessary to maintain our lives. How about we try a little concerned we do not hear, what do we take the exam, nor would I go to work. In short, a small amount of anxiety is vital. Test anxiety experienced in a real time immemorial Although Western society has begun to be explored in the 1940s.

to cope with test anxiety in the United States compared to 20% while the proportion of students who study with us this figure is around 65-70%. Therefore, to gain the ability to cope with test anxiety, it is of much greater importance for our country.

Test Anxiety What is it?

Anxiety, when people lived faced a stimulus physical, it is a condition characterized by emotional arousal and mental changes. The test anxiety; which prevent the use of information learned during the exam before the exam, and that led to the fall of the success is the intense feeling. negative thoughts about the exam results, consists of beliefs and expectations. Physiological stimulation that results in an intense emotional concerns;

are signals from the body and get the message out that the balance of normal functioning of the body.
Test anxiety is a major problem faced by students of all ages.
What physical and emotional symptoms of test anxiety?

Physical Symptoms
Abdominal pain, change in bowel movements (diarrhea, constipation), stomach complaints,
Heart palpitations, shortness of breath, rapid breathing-making,
Sweating, tremors,
Headache, dizziness,
Restless sleep, nightmares, excessive sleepiness or insomnia,
Signs of fatigue,
changes in eating habits (anorexia or eating too)
Inability to organize, concentration disorders.

Emotional Symptoms
Irritability, pessimism,
Frustration, fear, feelings of inadequacy
Nervousness, anxiety,
before the unrest caused not respond to expectations.

Exam Anxiety Causes of Student Life What?

high expectation level of the family and the environment,
overestimate the target,
obsessive thoughts about failure and examination results,
Using the runtime scattered and unplanned, unproductive work habits,
Examination of the poor believe that now,
The idea of making incorrect coding and error during the examination,
Responsibilities of the suspension,
Unsuccessful evaluation fear
Inability to gather attention and fear of being overly excited.
In this study, it was observed that there are two different sizes including test anxiety and feelings of delusion. Delusions size, are the things we tell ourselves about the exam. is our emotional responses that occur while under the pressure test is a sense of size. The success of delusion dimensions of test anxiety is observed that more influence. Delusions increased success decreases. Because delusion is composed with more failure expectations. In addition, examination-related delusions high kids, they take care of their own rather than dealing with the examination, it is observed that they turned their attention instead to the exam.
in that case along with test anxiety it is inadequate to study behavior. If you absolutely inadequate study skills exam anxiety arises. Success comes from a lack of study skills at the beginning of the items affecting negatively.
Consequently, the cause of failure when the test anxiety and poor study coupled behavior. Learning the lessons of effective working methods as well as to increase the success, it must also reduce test anxiety.

Test Anxiety How do you live and your child understand life?
It may not be very easy to understand. If there is a significant drop in your child’s success can be a problem and this problem can also test anxiety.
Course work is continually postponing.
He refrains from speaking about the lessons or are evading.
Hours of course work, but does not understand the subject they study.
He does not show the success expected of him.
In the exam, sweating, heart jams, shaking hands, running out of breath, he is very excited.
constantly he thinks will fail the exam.
not can not concentrate on the exam.
Test Anxiety What is the difference between life live it the people?

Anxiety levels were normal people with the exam situation, assessing it as an opportunity to test the success of the concern that people perceive these situations above normal as a threat.
about the exam, they entered into an unfavorable situation in dialogue with them. They choose unrealistic and pessimistic thinking.
Examinations before and after physiological stimulation degree, although it is the same, people who have concerns at the normal level, while perceived as a hint for further efforts in this challenge exam anxiety because anxiety they live high ones, they see it as a negative situation.
Here as the name suggests, concern factor (negative thoughts concerning the examination status and test results, beliefs and expectations) the impact of the exam success, stimulating factor (physiological stimulation signals) are more prohibitive than the effect caused.
The research, the biggest problem for people with high test anxiety, reveal that the previously learned to remember during those exams.
Moreover, the concerns of people with high anxiety while they also spend more time studying compared to low.
These findings resulting in poor performance, it’s not a lack of people in the study period, created in themselves negative thoughts, shows that connects to the degree of concern insurmountable.
How Can Be Overcome?

If the pre-exam anxiety you are experiencing a feeling that you can not cope well after test or exam, your way of thinking and make sure your dialogue with your own. Do you use phrases like the following?
Alas, once again approaching the exam, and I will raise my work.
I’ll fail this test, and everyone will think I’m stupid.
Even though I do not see myself enough runs.
Time left. I do not know anything, all work has been finished.
Exam day has come and how I’m going to mix everything together, though I would have worked.
If I get below average in this test would ruin everything, can stay in the classroom, I discarded, it ruined my life.
Exam questions seem easy, but I guess it seems to me I did not know anything.
The first reason I’m giving the exam paper that you’re better than me?
Questions can not be so easy. I must have misunderstood …
If these sentences, you are often on your own if you like to again express that you’re usually thinking of yourself as a negative and defeated. Probably yourself after the exam, but not what you know, attention, you do well and you can not use the right time you can later accused of questions. All these negative and unrealistic in your expectations, the results revealed that prevent you from using your potential.

Go to exit the Test Anxiety in the First Phase

Before the first test, the test must be entered as well prepared, should not be sleepless and hungry (cola drinks, chocolate, red meat, spicy foods, these foods should be avoided because it increases the stress). The time to the exam should go a little bit before, should not be rushed, should not be tried until the last course, should try to relax before the exam.
During the second test; I fail yourself, it will be difficult questions, do not talk like internal matters will be I do not know. This will convert your existing anxiety panic. If you have a two-minute exam succumb to extreme anxiety and stop giving away breathe properly, you are not alone in the exam by looking at other people, I think that everyone is excited. Read examination begins the moment the question carefully, set your time correctly. Change your sitting position to relax together, excited the moment we can not resolve the problem by putting the question mark next to it skip the question. Before the exam, do not worry when you see the use of your time until the last minute.

Parents to Drop

Everyone wants to be successful. Naturally, you also want your child to succeed. Exams are situations in which the risk of failure. On the basis of test anxiety it has this idea.
Besides, the most important concerns are also one of the reasons parents and teachers behavior.
the level of success that you expect your child, you make prints on your child to study, test samples that give negative kazanamayın think about what will happen to your child’s life and can cause anxiety to fail.
The preparation process is a process of maturation of the exam, many candidates and they will give the right decision in this regard. In addition, almost every event until the study period from relaxing activities, varies from person to person.
The students are so overwhelmed that is the case these days, the last hundred meters of the race entered. If you want to give it a try anyway and “Drop everything now, enough is enough until you try it” said. They will overreact.
for the biggest favor you can do them in stages, as long as possible so they are interrupting their exam preparation must be available at least warning.
Do not forget also that the mental health of your children is important. This will be neither the first nor the last exam will enter their exams. There are dozens of tests on its front. Is not it already a separate exam every stage of life?
Tactics Coping with Test Anxiety

We can work in two ways to reduce our worries about the exam. These; mental and physical implementation.

Mental Applications
Our concern and our thoughts are shaped feelings that cause us excited. should not be forgotten that the university exam to be happy in life, is just one way to be successful. thinking that we need to change in order to reduce our concerns are as follows:
University yoldur.mantıkl the only way we think in order to be successful and happy life exams, university entrance exam is only one path that leads us to success and happiness in life. It is not the only option. We can be happy and successful University win big in different areas.
I have to earn the exam. Examination should not necessarily able to kazanmalıyım.mutlak, “I have to go to school now” as thoughts instead of “I do not want to win the exam, I want to go to these schools,” we should consider the form. -Should – they should my form of expressions, from being thought of desire, makes laws. There is a certainty in the law. However, a person can not fulfill a request fulfilled another request.
I’ll be ruined if I do not win, I swallowed the pills, how do I look at the faces of neighbors, how can I face my family, thoughts like horrible olur.Bir of are certainly thought no relation to reality and does not have us contribute nothing positive. Try to think more positively. I’m stupid, I’m unable to do anything at all anyway. Such thoughts away from your goal as you, as well as concern.
Exam result of my good or bad I am gösterir.sınav information is only a test. People to see your value to your exam success wife. Tests performed in exams; personality tests and achievement tests are not information.
Examination win to end everything olur.Bir structure is faulty thinking. Your chances of winning a sensible way to test is too high, even consider another goal for yourself. If you can digest this idea within you, your effort and work to decrease your request, but the intensity will be freed from exam stress will connect your arm to your hand.

Physical Applications

Breathing exercises
the first step towards controlling the body: respiratory control

Breathing Learn

Autonomous (self-employed), we know that our bodies. Our heart beats, our blood pressure, our body warmth is an example of this system. These organs or functions will work out of our direct control and will. However, training and exercise the organs and functions can be partially or completely take control.
verification of the body is the first step towards controlling breathing. Because the respiratory aspect, we breathe when we want, when we want to we hold our breath, is an activity which we direct our will. But the other side of the respiratory, according to the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood by a center in the brain stem entirely autonomous (self) are walking as an activity.
Autonomous activities to control, “but to control breathing” you need to start. At the same time correct and learn deep breathing is the most important step towards learning to relax.
Breathing relaxation as a way of getting itself, in all relaxation exercises are also used as part of the exercise. In addition, the implementation of breathing exercises is the easiest exercise in the course of daily life.

German Importance of Deep Breathing What is it?

Accurate and deep breathing itself directly vessels expand and blood (hence oxygen) body has the ability to provide the most extreme and reach to the deepest point. it is drawn from the blood the body surface and the surface temperature drops during panic attacks (hands and feet cool version). Both biochemical substances of the stress response, as well as the relaxation of biochemical substances can not coexist. Therefore, changes that are provided by taking a right and a deep breath, especially in many cases which will begin to be included in the concern (or have started) to break the chain reaction or reduce the severity of anxiety.

Good breath Properties

Good breath; heavy, deep and quiet. For this, the balance must measure and harmony. Good breath is taken slowly through the nose becomes quiet and pushes down the diaphragm filling the entire lung.

Industrialized and four of his lungs in the vast majority of people living in urban communities were using either one or five. Breath purpose of the exercise is to use the whole of the lungs.

Imagine that your lungs divided into three. Deep, full breath, the diaphragm moves down and starts with the expiration air of the lower part of the lungs. Then the middle section expands air dollars and chest. Finally, the upper part of the chest and shoulders dollar might rise slightly.

your right palm just below your belly breathing exercises before starting, your left hand on your chest (the chest) into and close your eyes.
Drain thoroughly before your very dear to breathe. (With difficulty while breathing and the lungs must be breathing spontaneously without being pushed.)
Liver split your capacity as imaginary and “bier”, “two of” counting your house so fill your whole lung. Wait for a short period of time, “one-two,” he said, counting, drain at twice the time that you have taken your breath away. Kemiklei your right hand on your chest, such as a moving bridge should feel that since turned right. Wait two seconds without a new breath.
Learn a deep breath and repeat what is written in the second and the third item of data. Exercise until, once again, must be at least 4-5 tekrarlayınca normal breathing. If you continue to take deep breaths if you feel dizziness.

Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation of tension in your body in a systematic way, to get rid of. When you relax deeply, your motivation and focus your attention will not be lost. In contrast, where your body will feel the most tension realize that you move, you will learn how to loosen the muscles. In fact, regular exercises for deep relaxation will boost your energy and productivity.

Now thoroughly and comfortably settled in your seat and leave aside if there is any anxiety state. Your anxiety decreases as you gain the ability to relax yourself, the place will give way to relaxation.

Close your eyes and turn your arm before your attention and especially your hands. fi Now fists your hands thoroughly and make sure the tension in your hand and arm doing it.
fi Now both hands at the wrists, bend your finger tips to show the ceiling. Your hands and the top of your upper arm muscle strain thoroughly forecastle. Feel the tension. And now, bring your arm back into position unwind. Feel the difference between tension and relaxation.
Repeat the same exercises in this region.

The wrinkle your forehead.
Close your eyes tightly.
Open your mouth thoroughly, push your tongue to your palate right, tighten your jaw firmly.

Push back your head.
Lean forward until your chest as if your head.
Turn your head toward your right shoulder.
Turn your head toward your left shoulder.
Pull your shoulders up to your ears like a draw.
Your right shoulder as if to pull up until your ear.
Pull up until your left shoulder as if your ear.
These exercises a certain amount of time to make some tense muscles, tense hold and slowly loosening is intended to feel the difference between tightness and looseness. The loosening tight muscles while at the same time from within “relax and drop” to. Take a deep breath. From your breath slowly and relax while quietly left.
Our Recommendations students
Try to plan your time
Anxiety disorders, which always leads to the concern of causing further improve the results. The way to break it is to regulate the time. Examination before hastily read something, or is useful in the protection of your normal rhythm instead of showing other activities. List of things to do in time to get up in the morning, it is useful to be programmed. You must abstain from undertaking additional work.
Try to resist the movement disorder
Tension can push us to hyperactivity or opacity. Contrary to what was expected in the days of the exam very close, instead of working more courses; to increase their physical activity, it is worth taking the time to sports fun. Walk is one of the best activities. Every day can be good to walk at least half an hour.
Try to create pleasantness against Concerns
to put positive against negative emotions is an important method. Something we enjoy our hobby and we have to set aside at least a few hours during the week. Open air cinema or go to reduce the tension. It increases energy and positivity.
Avoid extra problems
escape the conflict, to postpone the problem, it is important to add more stress to your exam stress.
Pay attention to your nutrition
Diet is important.
Instead of taking excessive sugary foods should be fed regularly
Indulging ones, chocolate and sugary foods should be limited as it uses
Diet to the contrary are unfounded to believe that the benefits of overfeeding
Using the B vitamins may be useful. f controls the additional play. Reduce fatigue feeling.

Pay attention to your body

Long working hours and the increasing time pressure to increase working time by forcing more students to some terms sometimes use stimulant substances such as coffee tea or some medications. Such stimulus can be seen that the increase for the first time beginning work. However, already a high level of test anxiety because our nervous system stimulation evoked with such stimulus is not true. Stimulant medications except very innocent remaining tea, drinks like coffee, even trembling hands, attention and concentration difficulties, can cause complications such as restlessness. Be careful not to use this drink as much as possible. More natural drinks, juices, herbal teas are recommended.

Take care of your sleep

Sleep is a rhythm problem. Thus it continues at regular intervals. Average sleep duration to 11 years olds for 9-10 hours older than this age is between 8-8.5 hours. Sleep is composed of two parts; In the first part of the physical, mental rest is done in the second part. Therefore, short of sleep per night for 3-5 hours which lead to a decrease in mental skills can be said that this time is sufficient. However, continuous manner to that continuation of this short sleep, learning, reasoning, initiate adverse effects on attention and concentration.
Some students believe that it is necessary and mandatory for them to 8 hours of sleep and sleep for a while when they panic, thinking that at this time they failed themselves. Sometimes they grew, albeit unwillingly families in this situation. Before the exam “You already slept very little last night, I wish you had more uyuyabils, I hope not affect you badly” as they increase the anxiety of talking with students. Here spend sleepless nights before exams only thing that should be done.


Two days prior to the exam tension, or we can use a drug with a doctor’s recommendation for insomnia. two days before the exam to begin leaves us faced with the consequences of unexpected side effects.

Test Anxiety Coping with Us Can Help to People
Family and close friends: These people are us, needed love, show compassion and solidarity. Our relationship with them raises our morale to keep warm.

experts can be called upon when problems: These are usually specialized people about problems and solutions that you may have. Psychologists, counselors and so on.
people who have problems where we live: Anyone with test anxiety can understand one another more easily. exchange ideas, share problems to reduce the feeling of loneliness. The problem prevents the personification.

Last word

Your emotions, there is an interaction between your and your body will surprise even you thought. Anxiety is the mental process of “concern” by trying to adopt a realistic and positive way of thinking to deal with, the physical process that is “intense arousal” to deal with, you can also try relaxation exercises. If you get rid of these negative thoughts prisoners being produced by your own mind, you also reduce your anxiety and no signals from your body, you will find that the negative interpretation as before.
What you do, unreal, unrealistic not convert your pessimism to optimism, it is only realistic to think. Remember; The first phase of success, the accurate assessment of one’s own potential. That what is missing or what, but you need to learn how you can decide on a realistic assessment results.