Our ancestors knew the effects of environmental factors as well that if it is considered establishing a location in the hospital, he made the decision as a result of the evaluation, according to a number of factors. For example, Zeynep Kamil Hospital, Haseki Hospital in places such as hospitals, organizations are determined by different environmental sample. sacrifice a few places he hangs in a large location, which is disproved victim’s flesh latest edict commanded the sultan has made the hospital there.

But today, especially in our big cities are very difficult to find healthy corner. Today, it is a state of consciousness of being healthy, especially physicians, health salvation, if it reaches the community through environmental associations, environmental factors linked to the disease can be prevented. Generally, protection is also the first step of treatment. However, radioactive iodine, for example, if there is a leak from a nuclear reactor can prevent the intake of potassium iodide. If radon areas, especially in rocky areas inhabited recommended moving to another place.

at the molecular level between smoking and cancer-causing diesel poilsilik aromatic hydrocarbons, type B hepatitis virus they alpha toxins in agricultural products, papilloma virus, the AIDS virus, and radon gas is considered.

Lung Disease Linked to Environmental Factors and Cancer

Dirty weather, vehicles, and other sources of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides outputted by solar radiation it depends on the oxidizing effect. In this case, the respiratory system diseases and causes an increase in lung cancer. Radon is a carcinogen Respiratory primarily comes from natural gas. (The risk of lung cancer 0.2-1%) Cigarette smoking increases the risk 10-fold. The level can be measured as cheap. brake pads, in vinyl, linoleum in, in talcum powder, asbestos found in some toaster (asbestosis), lung cancer and mesothelioma (cancer of the pleura) is doing. Asbestos is used in stoves and iron production. Eskişehir, Bursa and has plenty of Sivas. the only asbestos fibers are shorter than 5 micrometers does not cause cancer. Passive smokers were even observed in cancer causing reduction in cancer cases by banning smoking in enclosed spaces.

Skin Cancer Linked to Environmental Factors

Radiation or sunburn are causing various skin cancers. Melanoma (skin cancer) and 20 times in the last year in northern countries, has shown increased. In particular, UV (ultraviolet) length of time, frequency, increases the risk of the small proportion of pigment in the skin. Good untreated squamous cell carcinoma polynuclear aromatic products is growing at the edge of the burn epidermal skin cancer as a result. With annual skin checks can be performed from the age of 40 in this cancer prevention.

Absorbed through the skin 4-nitrobiphenyl x-Naphthylamine (bits and is used in cat and dog collars against fleas.) Naphthalenamine (used in the paint industry.) Benzidine cotton direct dye 4- -Aminobiphenyl), 3.3-dikolorobenzi you can make bladder cancer. But they do not do skin cancer. prolongation of the amount of writing this article, although it is mandatory in our country’s shelf life abroad carcinogen levels in these substances but not written is not the amount of typing required.

Urinary Tract Cancer Linked to Environmental Factors

2% of human cancer relates to this system. In males, smokers and asbestos workers in the two-fold increased risk again, especially seafood with our made unabated discharge as a result of mussels, oysters, seafood such as our settling of heavy metals (cadmium, lead) are increasing as the risk of developing cancer cause kidney disease. Excessive use of painkillers result of kidney cancer, phenacetin metabolite N- kidney due to the Hidroksifenaset, produces and developing lung cancer. Saccharin has been shown to cause bladder cancer in mice, but not proven in humans.

Linked to Environmental Factors Cancer of the Digestive System

Non-oral cavity and pharynx in the neighboring regions (throat) is doing squamous cell cancer. Chewing tobacco in this type of cancer is more common. Nitrosamines in cigarette smoke causes cancer of the esophagus. Cancer prevention antioxidant substances (my wreath, like vitamin D), vitamin C, which is leading the substances prevent the formation of nitrosamines from nitrite. Regional olarakl esophageal cancer in the growth in Asia, northern Iran, is seen in the CIS. reduce the secretion of bicarbonate, which neutralizes stomach acid increases the risk of stomach cancer by smoking gastritis development. Japanese in decreased cancer. Local distribution in Iceland, Chile, Japan and stomach cancer common in some Eastern European countries, Western Europe and the United States seems less. Salty smoked fish, fruits and vegetables to eat less meat, especially canned and nitrates increases the risk of cancer in the sausage. With the use of freezing for preserving consumption is reduced cancer risk is also decreased together. The incidence of colon cancer in North America and Australia, whereas in Africa, Asia and rarely seen in poor regions such as South America, according to the fiber and result in statistically in 2004 gösteriyor.almanya the protection of the lean diet of men and women rise to a number of counted when bowel cancer is the respectively. In the same measures as in the United States 45 years after a colonoscopy control in 10 years, obesity, smoking and sedentary life was launched war against.

aspergillus aflatoxin considered products that do liver cancer, is transmitted to nuts like peanuts, but because it is now more yellows virus type B hepatitis outbreak in the same region as Africa and Asia, is considered as a carcinogen. Rubber, in the production of plastic materials, as artificial leather in textile adhesive, the chemical industry, used for making vinyl chloride liver cancer. while his cigar liver cancer in long-term use of insecticides is known that inorganic arsenic present in the 5-fold increased risk of pancreatic cancer.

Blood and Immune System and Environmental Factors

Gasoline, nylon, detergents, rubber paint, pesticides are known to be carcinogenic in making the kullanılanbenz. If A, cadmium, copper, gold, iron, lead, zinc gibiag it is known that metals and blood cell disorders as well as increasing the risk of infections and cancer by the immune system pressure. The immune system is suppressed kidney transplantasyonlu lip cancer in half of the patients was 10 years (21X), lymphoma (28 -49X), the risk of Kaposi sarcoma (400-500X) is increasing. construction work to support kidney stem cells from one of the best solutions to this issue. Gene asbestos silica, in working with cancer increased in people with normal immune systems have not shown this increase benzidine. by inhalation of ozone, known as nitrojenoksid and it suppresses the immune system sülfürdioksi you.

Every year, 5 million different chemicals are produced by around 150 tonnes fibroids. Their production, storage, transport and waste materials generated during the throw can sometimes turn into less toxic substances, but sometimes it can also develop more toxic substances at this stage. Air, often through the skin with water and food every day, and we are faced with these toxic products. It is harder to recognize because they are not pure. Moreover, sometimes flu symptoms, headache and stomach complaints and imitating. And why does not appear real. 50,000 because of the chemicals used in different professions do not know about 80%. people should be trained in established research and risks; USA (smoking and AIDS) should benefit in this regard as well as on television. including the largest known of the Chernobyl 6 nuclear reactor at Three Mile Island accident and led to the spread of radionuclides Windscale 116500 people in Chernobyl were exposed to radiation in high doses. thoriu still use my non-radioactive radioactive uranium in nuclear reactors (of which 67% in our country all over the world) again will prevent the increase of cancer cases.
The result of the use of medical and dental diagnostic radiology revealed that the arrival of the 1% and 0.7% of all breast cancers of all leukemia. having low radiation rate in these devices is preferable.

most importantly the effect of the radiation received at lower doses is cancer. And this occurs in persons with cancer receiving radiation at the same age who due to various reasons.

Consequently, to investigate the effects of environmental factors on cancer known as factor of teaching through formal education (TV, radio, cinema, press) to reach all people is very important. Evaluation of protective laws should be preferred to have the medical and technical staff. The Government should educate the public, civil society organizations and the organizations they should be warned.

Uzm. Dr. Yaprak BİREN
Internal Medicine Specialist