What is an EEG?

Of the brain’s electrical activity means the registration in the digital environment. Recently, with the advancement of technology in the EEG and similar techniques of functional brain using different methods (study) we had a chance to obtain detailed information about the properties. Non-invasive EEG (non-invasive), indispensable for reasons such as not being comfortable with the idea of an investigation by the patient and the operation of the brain is a laboratory method.

How prepared are taken and reports?

EEG, drawn by an expert on the technician. Minimum processing time is 1 hour. With prompt physicians in different groups of patients for 3 hours or 24 hours of video it is done with the Monitarisation. Moitarizasyo result of the shooting obtained tras. During wakefulness and sleep EEG is evaluated separately. information to the requesting physician examination and prepare a report with a comment. Report as needed examples tras inserted after.

Which EEG drawn to the patients?

 EEG, epilepsy (epilepsy), the leading thoughtfulness situation with confusion, forgetfulness and fleeting sensory and motor function is used in the diagnosis and treatment of complaints which follow. Sleep shots is essential in sleep disorders.

you need to pay attention to EEG

While the EEG your stomach full, it increases the quality of your hair be clean shaved. some maneuvers will want you to do the technician during shooting (often breathing, eye opening and closing or light reaction) will be. Be relaxed and do not forget to request an exam paper he wrote while your doctor.

EEG service in the Academic Hospital

In our institution, the normal EEG, video Monitarisation EEG, sleep EEG and Polysomnography (sleep gravity) is applied.

Video Monitarisation the involuntary movements occur in patients with simultaneous EEG recording is important to diagnose and correct identification. Abnormal electrical activity of the brain during sleep, wakefulness baskılanıp being shot in traces due to the emergence of sleep increases reliability.

recorded in a digital environment to the patient’s night sleep polysomnography and is reviewed by expert physicians. Polysomnography, especially sleep apnea syndrome should be applied when necessary in any sleep pathology and treatment plan should be made.