Circumcision is one of the oldest and most common surgical procedures. World men’s 1/6 of them are known to be circumcised. Circumcision surgery; cultural, religious and medical reasons are made. Ottoman Empire was very splendid circumcision ceremonies. Prince of poor children and circumcision of children, while also mAktAydIlAr palace efrat been circumcised. As Sunnah in our country and society is decisive in making traditional religious grounds, and the individual is faith. The circumcision for medical reasons is being proposed in order to treat the underlying disease should be considered outside religious and traditional reasons.

Medical reasons; A narrow opening called the foreskin as phimosis, the inflammation often the foreskin (balanitis), long foreskin, frequent urinary tract infections spending, the presence of congenital anomalies of the urinary tract and genital mutilation stand back keep the skin (paraphimosis) may be considered.

It is believed that the benefits of circumcision, what about health?

The health benefits of circumcision continues to be a topic of discussion.

as to provide hygiene circumcised penis it has a belief from ancient Egypt. Rinse been pretty much on the subject of circumcision in person is a reduction in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. However, as the co-relation of cervical cancer in male circumcision has been less research also shows that it is in. This reduction of the incidence of cervical cancer depends on many factors have to be seen not only reduction in studies as to whether circumcision has the right to connect. Circumcision sexually transmitted disease AIDS recently the argument to reduce the incidence of the disease has also been included. AIDS infection rates in some research done was circumcised men were significantly lower than those not. Results can be seen acting in this country at a very high rate of AIDS wonder circumcision should be recommended as an additional measure to prevent AIDS measures did you began the discussion.

implementation of circumcision in childhood urinary tract has also been found to cause a significant reduction in the frequency of passing the infection. Urinary tract abnormalities in infants with circumcision is recommended for treatment in this direction.

If the circumcision for medical reasons other words, some of the other hand in order to be considered in the treatment of diseases in which this can be said to prevent diseases circumcision.

The timing of circumcision

Our society is made in the traditional circumcision school. The sooner you start the mind of the child is an important factor. Circumcision is also a social event for family and close friends to share happiness with.

The fact bebebeg newborn circumcision is one of the controversial issues. Proponents of the circumcision done in this period; It will also reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections, and they say that it is a simple process to get rid of later surgery. Otherwise, those who are in the idea, in this period will be pain, baby, that measures should be taken in this regard, it is a serious injury, natural structure is broken down, the urinary output strictures and infections advocate may develop.

While these discussions child psychiatrists, castration is done in the age of the children they notice genitals genital mutilation (castration) have pointed out that you can go with fear. Circumcision 18 months before or after 4 years of making children stated that prevents the establishment of castration mess.

Circumcision should be done, how and by whom?

Circumcision is a surgical interference, moreover, surgical interventions performed in children’s genitals. Applied in surgical circumcision surgery it should be applied in all modern surgery and anesthesia. Circumcision before the necessary physical examinations and laboratory, given the anti-stress remedy the start of the operation, performed in surgery operating rooms, the implementation of pain during and after surgery, taking infection prevention, post-operative planning of maintenance and of course circumcision trained in this regard and authorized to be done by surgeons . We hope that our country unfortunately söyliye circumcision of this implementation. However, we argue that the rights of all of our children to be circumcised in these conditions.

Circumcision actions carried out by surgery, the foreskin of the penis cut appropriate length head (glans) is revealing. Many different techniques have been described for circumcision. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. The aim is reduced to a minimum of complications after circumcision. No substantial complications of circumcision and the complication rate is within the range from 10% to 2%.

Complications; bleeding, infection, inadequate or discontinuation of improper foreskin, urinary fistulas, urinary tract mouth (menu) consists stenosis or ulcer, injury or loss of glans penis, skin bridges are considered as, etc,.

Circumcision is made from the medical point of view there should be conditions?

Circumcision should not be performed if there are any abnormalities in the penis. The best known of these anomalies Hypospadias is called circumcision prophets among the people. This disease of the penis is located within the urine tract (urethra) is opening from any place in the lower face of opening a penis glans penis. These patients also will attract immediate attention because the foreskin is an abnormal appearance. Other than that, be open during the height of the urethra (epispadias), is to be buried in the penis curve or require the making of circumcision.

Such children should be considered necessarily surgeons. Correction of penile abnormalities experienced surgeons have been trained in the operation, both will correct these anomalies will complete the circumcision operation. One of the most important reasons for the circumcision before the corrective surgery of the prepuce is being used in these operations. If circumcision of ignorance before the loss of the foreskin so that this operation will render it difficult or even unsolvable.

The situation in Turkey

In our country, there is little debate has been made for religious and cultural reasons that made the circumcision. Generally it is known as a simple and quick initiative by families. Circumcision is the surgical procedure and does not mind the complications can be found. The average age of circumcision is applied across the country are ages 5-7. Very small amounts are made in the neonatal circumcision. But 10-15% of children are circumcised by surgeons who have been trained to do circumcision in appropriate conditions. Complications occur in children who have been circumcised by traditional methods are stricken. Despite many studies on children with complication rates of circumcision in this way it was higher than the circumcision operation carried out by the appropriate terms and surgeons. Unfortunately, it should be done, by whom and under which conditions circumcision are still being discussed. It is well known that the complication rate of circumcision varies depending on the person’s education and the requirements made. In our country, the rights of our children to be circumcised in optimal conditions. Our children need to download the lowest levels of physical and mental trauma experienced while no circumcision. Our government on this issue is a duty for all of us, especially.