Cataracts take a look opaque, losing the transparency of the lens inside the eye it is the situation.

The eye is an optical system similar to the camera. In order to achieve clear vision of the light and images from the outside to the center, before the outer cornea, which is vitreous of the eye after the lens inside the eye layer it must be broken. These two layers is a transparent structure under normal conditions. In case of losing the transparency of the lens in cataract eye it is opaque to receive.


Although there are many types, cataracts can be examined under three main groups in general:

  • Age-related cataracts
  • Congenital cataracts
  • Secondary cataracts: long-term use of certain medications (like cortisone), shock, metabolic diseases (such as diabetes) occurs as a result of those.


Cataracts most commonly occurs with age. Although nutrition is a known cause, there are many risk factors such as ultraviolet rays. Patients according to the state before the lens opacification complain of distant or near vision. Opacification increases in both near vision is reduced to turn away the social life of the patient.


Treatment of cataract glasses or drugs is not possible. an effective method that can stop the progression has not been found. The only treatment is surgery. Surgery, the insertion of a new lens of the eye lens, which lost its transparency instead taken is based on the system.

Operative system, which is the most current treatment of cataract Phaco surgery. Phaco device melts in the cataract eye with the help of sound waves vibrating 40,000 times per second. Thus, after cleaning, cataract, folding and is placed in the eye lens is made of acrylic material.

Entering from a very small region inside the eye through the phaco equipment operation is completed. It can be applied to all kinds of cataracts. The processing time is shortened and increasing the safety of the surgery. It does not require a throw completing the seam. Postoperative recovery becomes very fast and is not affected by the patient’s daily activities.

NEW METHOD OF OPERATIONS (phacoemulsification)

A lens is called phacoemulsification device is divided into small pieces and put portion.