My blood pressure under control with medications What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise lowers blood pressure is an important part of the treatment of hypertension. 30-60 minute walk after low blood pressure in some patients 2-3 hours to watch this time is to go 6-8 hours.
Drug doses can reduce or eliminate the need to use drugs.
It reduces the risk of heart and other chronic diseases.
It makes people energetic, reduces stress.
It helps to control body weight. If you are overweight, hypertensive and 10% of your body weight lowers blood pressure reduction of 10 mmHg to occur.
Strengthen muscles and bones.

Is it drugs affect my exercise performance I use?
Yes, many hypertension medications can reduce the exercise performance. However, there is no need for it to drug discontinuation.

How can I expect my blood pressure drop with exercise?
Research shows blood pressure and mild to moderate hypertension that regular exercise lowers average of 10 mmHg. However, to ensure long-term benefits will be much higher.

How an exercise program do we need to?

Middle and making risk analysis before you start their exercise program and switch from heavy * degree in exercise test, if necessary, is emphasized. These types of activities can vary the energy consumption (swimming, Astroturf soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.) are the activities.

Energy consumption is safe for activism is stable. It is applied in the most easy walk. Walk at least 30-35 minutes every day is a good start.
What are ways we can increase our metabolism? “There are two important answer to the question. Open to stay and move. Exercise is your move your body with a simple narrative. Meanwhile deepens your breathing, heart rate increases our speed. To do so, keep the breath in the band faded away, it is not necessary to do aerobics in the mirror.