Breast Cancer

Today, breast cancer diagnosis and treatment Despite the scientific and technological progress continues to be the most common cause of cancer death in women.

5-year overall survival rate of patients with breast cancer, 73% in developed countries, it is known that 53% in developing countries. This significant difference can be explained by early diagnosis through screening programs in developed countries and better treatment facilities. Therefore, every society to put forward their own in breast cancer risk, it is necessary to promote the identification of risk groups and screening programs.

The development of breast cancer; which vary from one individual to many risk factors (genetic, environmental, hormonal, such as socio-biological and psychological factors) in a survey conducted by the American Cancer Society Although they are considered to be effective, that women with breast cancer, 75% take part in high-risk groups and in fact verified that all women at risk for breast cancer.

Risk Factors In Breast Cancer

Advanced age

Advancing age increases the risk of breast cancer. In particular, the risk seen in women over age 50 are more likely than young women.

Previously good or malignant breast cancer history

Secondary breast cancer risk in women treated for breast cancer, is increasing 1% for each year after the first diagnosis of cancer.

Familial history of breast cancer

Especially in the 1st order A relative (mother, sister, aunt, their daughter) with breast cancer risk is increased if the story has.

Menstrual History

The age of first menstruation before age 12 and that 55 years after entering menopause increases the risk of breast cancer.

Use of hormones (estrogen)

Because mast cells leads to the development of estrogen, using externally prolonged and continuous estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer.

Birth story

the age of first pregnancy and the correlation between breast cancer; unmarried and breast cancer risk in women who have never given birth are known to be higher than that of women who have given birth.


2-3 cups of alcohol on breast cancer risk in women is increased 2-fold.

Fat diet

Excessive fat diet are thought to increase breast cancer.

Prof.Dr. Bahadır GÜLLÜOĞLU