We recommend that you pay attention to the following issues for the healthy development of your baby.

Admission form of baby

  • Lay your baby to fold the curved portion tickle the shoulder.
  • Why do not cover heavy blanket or quilt. (Allow to move your legs relaxed.)
  • Prolonged tilt. (Admission during the day as you exceed a total of 10 minutes, five minutes.)
  • The lay prone for a long time. (The first two months, you can put your eyes in the lurch with the condition not to exceed 10 minutes per day in front. Cheek for five minutes, five minutes, lay on the other cheek.)

Baby’s room

Ensure that the room temperature between 21-24 ° C.
Keep a thermometer to check the temperature in the room condition.
To ensure the moisture balance in the room during the winter put a bowl of water or wet towels on the heater.
Eye care
If the burring using your baby’s eyes with a handkerchief cooled boiled water, wipe from the inside out.
Even though the eyes of a burring Note that you must delete the two eyes.
Wipe each eye with a different side of the handkerchief.

Nose care

If your baby’s stuffy nose, use one or two drops of saline 3-4 times a day.
cleaning the baby’s bottom
Clean your baby’s bottom of boiled water has warmed toward wiping from front to back or below the waist, wash with warm water.
Do not use cotton wiping your baby’s gold.

Bath and body care baby

You can make your baby a bath every evening.
Do not use shampoos in each bathroom. (Shampoo 2-3 times a week would be appropriate to use.)
Bathroom per plug after the headline for 1 hour. (Babies lose heat from the very beginning part.)
Olive oil twice a-week. (You can also use diaper rash cream like that, but olive oil is a good saver.)

Baby clothes

The tight clothing, dress your baby. (Tight clothes restrict the movement of your baby.)
reversing wash their clothes iron the reverse.
Labels on clothes can irritate your baby’s skin saying, remove them.
Too much dressing your baby in the summer. (Write a flannel body wraps, gloves and socks would be sufficient.)

Belly Care

twice a day, morning and evening to make alcohol umbilical cord care.
If leave after the evening bath in the bathroom cord care.
Continue for 2 days after your baby’s umbilical cord care falls to the hub.

While you are breastfeeding
If all you want when your baby sleeping in nursing or five hours apart.
Check that breastfeeding is the gold of the item is clean.
Remove the breast replacing the absolute gas.
With 20 minutes to absorb your baby from both breasts at each feeding it is adequate.
If you want to suck again, nursed in the same way after an hour together.
Breastfeeding must eventually remove the gas.
If pollute the gold during the extraction, cleanup immediately, because it is full of vomit stomach.
Your baby, change it after waiting 15 minutes to digest that suck. (If you stomach is full of vomit bottom cleaning.)
nail clipper
Cutting the first month of your baby’s nails because it is soft.

Day care

Your baby’s body, you can see behind the curtain of sunlight in a room in the morning and evening sun field.
Devit3 drop 5 drops daily should be given with a spoon.
Vaccine Book
Carefully follow your baby’s immunizations.
Bring vaccination booklet with you when you come to every checkup.
The first 15 days of the check date vaccination book before you come to our hospital with the baby come to room. (This will be your baby’s blood for necessary checks.)
When you go to another health care provider to bring the vaccine in the book.
Hepatitis B vaccine
Your baby “Hepatitis B” first dose of vaccine, when it was born. The second dose 1 month, will be the third dose at 6 months.