What is allergy?

Some people pollens that react most of us, house dust mites, itching when faced with certain substances such as pet dander, skin rash, sneezing, nasal congestion, nasal and postnasal drip, itchy eyes, tearing, coughing, if the lung is affected, wheezing, and they react as shortness of breath . this is often referred to as allergy observed in 15% of the population. Allergization feature is genetic. Allergic people respond differently than normal people against allergens with genetic factors. to reach levels that can produce allergic symptoms in allergen concentrations encountered during their life are emerging signs of illness. Allergy is caused by genetics, after the occurrence of allergy is usually lifelong.


How to follow a development?

Seasonal allergic rhinitis, or hay fever usually develops as a reaction to pollen emerged in the spring. In sensitive to the pollen out in different periods of the year, there are signs of disease in that period. Frequent sneezing, continuously or intermittently is the nasal congestion and runny eyes, itching, tearing and redness are signs of the disease. cold or mixed frequently by patients with influenza. Itching and be at the forefront sneeze, fever and fatigue symptoms should suggest that the lack of allergic origin.


How to identify allergic disease?

Skin test or allergen can be determined by referring the blood responsible for allergen-specific antibodies. antihistamines for about 2 weeks before the skin test must cut their allergy medicine we say. These tests are not for diagnosis of allergy, woven used for the detection of allergen. Allergic Sensitization in patients allergic patients although less than the test sensitivity tests may remain negative.


What are the preventive methods?

by avoiding the allergen and / or suppression of disease symptoms with the use of anti-allergic drugs. Starting allergic medication before the pollen season and can be relieved by use until the end of the period. In the morning when the pollen is more intense, especially to go to the outside, doors and closing windows, using mask, the presence of pollen filter in the car, can be considered as measures to be effective. Allergen number does not exceed two of the symptoms associated with the lungs, so it is more likely to be useful in the treatment of asthma vaccine it has been added. with sublingual drops can be performed with the vaccine injection is carried out successfully. Vaccination with 1 year of treatment is not achieved significant benefits of treatment should be discontinued.

Life-long to minimize the exposure to the allergen or in the prevention of this failure is the most effective measure.