Summer is the rush to lose the weight we take when approaching the winter begins. We get the desire to lose weight fast … Beware! .. Unconsciously, fast, shock diets adversely affect metabolism, can create unexpected health problems. lasting healthy eating habits to healthy weight gain is very important. We provide after weight loss before the gain will be effective in protecting healthy eating habits to lose weight.

Nutrition programs must be individualized. Energy needs of the age of the individual, the analysis body, the energy expenditure, the living conditions (working capacity, exercise, etc.), Diseases of whether this should be adjusted to the economic situation and personal characteristics. Individuals will adopt as a lifestyle restricted diets it has been observed that when left briefly applied even more back to its original weight is reached. A healthy diet and exercise, it’s important we continue to make life pleasant for us. What are our five golden rule for this?


meal scheme in healthy weight loss is very important. We are a biorhythm line with the sunrise and sunset of the day. During the day, all the metabolic activities works better, after a certain hour in the evening to repair the body adjusts itself to rest. Early in the morning it will give a good breakfast to start the day with the speed our metabolism. To create a meal order (3 main meals) open too long acıkıp mold will prevent us from eating too much. to keep late hours of dinner and have a lighter meal is very important in terms of making digestion and weight loss. We come across many irregularities in the meal came with the inability to lose weight problem. Everyone does not need to take a meal break. Snack personal characteristics may vary depending on whether eating patterns and disease status.

Sleep disorder is also proven by studies that negatively affect weight loss. Daily biological clock, that is the most important hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm of melatonin earth. Darkness released this hormone allows the transition to sleep. Melatonin, varies from person to person and also is a hormone secreted from approximately 23:00 to 05:00. This will affect the quality of sleep hours in the weight control in a positive way.


regular operation of the body, maintaining the temperature regulation of movement is achieved with the appropriate amount of energy received. The more food we receive from our requirement, weight problems and other health problems that it caused (insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system diseases, bone and joint disorders, etc.) Can be faced with. Some diseases related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies if we receive incomplete (anemia, rickets, hair loss, fatigue, etc.) weakness, growth retardation in children occur. Therefore it should be fed a balanced and adequate. For this protein essential nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals must receive an amount to be consumed daily.


often we do not pay attention to what we eat in the daily hustle and bustle. Or in what sense in which case, it leads us to consume food was not even aware of. We need to start from awareness to change behaviors that hurt us. Research shows that increased awareness of eating behavior may change when positive. to raise awareness about the eating behavior in individuals, allowing users to make healthy eating choices and prevent the behavior depends on the feeling. Conscious food consumption, body mass index and maintains state of healthiness.

Many studies on this issue are the same idea. Emotional eating to pass in front to learn ways to increase our awareness of food we eat and we should use it for filling feeling.

 Yemen may become consciously aware of the principles can be learned easily and lifestyle. Let’s focus on food while eating and enjoying the food we eat, feeling the smell, I enjoy taking Feeding aware, I algılayal we sat.



Water is very important for our life. People using the store to get food from the body can survive for days, but thirsty but can survive for several days. More than half of the adult human body (about 59%) was water.

digestion of the nutrients found in the foods we eat, the absorption is required for the transport and metabolism. control of body heat would glide through the water in our body joints. Water constipation (constipation) prevent. If the body received too little water, it tries to meet the needs of drawing water from the bowel and constipation occurs. If enough people drink water, it will return to normal bowel function. All metabolic activities are carried out in water. When we have enough drinking water metabolism will work more regularly.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant, if you drink water on an empty stomach, caused by reduced gastric contractions, you eat less food. Water also reduces your feeling of hunger. Water provides the proper muscular contraction, dry skin and formed after weight loss, prevent skin sag. Water, thanks to the open energy generated during attenuation, the combustion of oil allows the removal of the waste product formed.


The right diet as well as healthy weight loss, exercise is also very important. 150 minutes per week or every other day for half an hour, especially my fat burning exercises are also effective. The exercise is important for continuity and tempo.

Made while the length of the exercise provides greater strength of bone and muscle strength. Physical activity is always a competition, it must carry a sense of competitive sports. For example, these activities work or go to school on foot, use the stairs instead of the elevator, as an easy way to get off a few stops before if you use public transportation and ride a few stops later, you can add to your life.