Academic Hospital has been actively serving the healthcare sector for over 25 years and we continue to be Istanbul’s best rooted and academic private hospital. The mission of our hospital in provision of healthcare is to diagnose and treat in the shortest duration possible without sacrificing scientific and ethical values.

In 2016, our hospital increased its capacity and completed its renovation process and continuous to serve its patients within a more comfortable and renewed atmosphere.  It has been an honor to achieve “Best Hospital and Hospital Manager” awards from EBA- European Business Assembly, London in March 2017; European Quality Awardfrom Switzerland Quality Standards Institute, Lausanne in July 2017 and “Public Service Architecture and Public Service Interior” awards from European Property Awards, London in September 2017.

Academic Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Turkey for second opinion and treatment overseas with its partnership agreement with Harvard Medical School and Partners Healthcare. This significant step in bringing together treatment options and opportunities with the demands of patients was taken to the next level when partnership in health agreement treatment was signed with Cuba.

Comments from our Chair Prof. MD. Zehra Neşe Kavak:

Comments from Academic Hospital Chair Prof. MD Zehra Neşe Kavak are as follows: ‘It is known that both cancer and type 1 diabetes are difficult to treat. The world of medicine has been continuously researching new and better treatment methods for these diseases, especially cancer. As a result of decades of research, Cuba was able to develop a vaccine for lung cancer, thanks to its very successful medical doctors. This is a first in the world. We congratulate Cuba for its success and for making a mark in the world medical history.  We wanted cancer patients in our country to benefit from this development and have signed an agreement with Miramar. This agreement allows us to bring together cancer or type 1 diabetes patients in our hospital with Cuban doctors; we will also assist our patients to receive treatment in Cuba, as per their request.”

The world of science closely monitors and admires the successful results Cuba has been achieving in the treatment of some types of cancers, despite Cuba’s partial disconnection from the world. Recently, scientists in Cuba have developed a vaccination for cancer, attracting attention from cancer patients all over the world. Cuba is a leader in the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening diseases and now provides treatment options to cancer patients in our country via Academic Hospital.

Academic Hospital has signed this agreement with the Ankara Embassy of Republic of Cuba and Ministry of Health in Cuba over Miramar establishment.

After the patients apply to Academic Hospital, our specialized doctors will conduct their examinations and laboratory works (or use existing laboratory works). Then the patient selects one of the service packages we provide (Second Opinion or Treatment in Cuba) and we start communication with our contracted hospitals in Cuba. Following this we obtain Second Opinion report or start Treatment in Cuba process.

The report is delivered to us as signed and approved within 3 weeks. It is checked by our associated doctor and shared with the patient.

This package includes all visa, transportation and accommodation and health expenses and is organized by our solution partner Miramar.

This entire process is under the supervision and control of Academic Hospital. The reports from Miramar and the Embassy are also regularly checked by us.

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