• In our hospital every day 08: 00/22: 00 patients are visited in between.
  • The health of our patients and the treatment of odorous brought out from the visitors to prevent the disruption of food and drinks are not allowed.
  • Due to the risk of infection in our hospital and the children’s psychological negative effects on families visiting patients in the absence of children under the age of 12 should be informed.
  • visitors against infection risks to use the goods of the patient, the patient shouldn’t be sitting on the bed.
  • Have the time to visit your patient health care to keep it short.
  • Tthree more than the number of visitors entering the treatment area in our hospital patient rooms comfortable in terms of our other patients should be treated sensitively in the making noise.and treatment of our patients out of the room during the examination process of the visitors are expected to pay attention to patient privacy.
  • Always wash your hands before and after visiting.
  • Visit our patients should not be prohibited by the doctors insisted visit if medical reasons are requested. During the visit the patient’s room door “visits are forbidden” to enter when you see a warning letter from interviews with nurses to patient rooms.
  • In order to protect our patients from infections they are not allowed flowers to patient rooms.
  • Smoking outside designated areas by the main hospital and hospital management of our visitors is strictly prohibited.



  • Our hospital has provided favorable conditions for the stay of our companions.
  • Your doctor about whether you need a companion to keep you informed patient.
  • Companions are expected to comply with all the rules of our hospital.
  • Accompanying the only doctor in the care of patients and is expected to help to the extent permitted by the nurse.
  • Escort must not have any application without the knowledge of doctors and nurses for patient safety.
  • Observe the care given by nurse training rules. (Hand hygiene, fall risk education)
    changes in the patient’s side of the case and a companion will be granted news nurse.
  • We can provide a peaceful environment for you and your patients, not to talk loudly in patient rooms and service corridors, it is necessary not to make noise. It is also necessary to use the
  • TVs in your room so as not to disturb others.
  • Accompanying the change of service nurses must be informed.
  • Accompanying outside of the physician or nurse claim should or should not change the subtraction of patients out of the hospital bed.
  • Accompanying the physician or the patient should be no intervention without consulting nurse, food should not be given drinks.
  • Escorts should not use tobacco and alcohol in the hospital.