Panic Attack


Is Panic Attack modern era’s disease?

Panic attacks, anxiety disorder or anxiety during all major stressful life events occur and to live in a violent dimension. at least once in their life, 10% of the population lived experience panic attacks. In case where passing important that panic attack is again in panic life expectancy, is to prevent a new panic attack thinking would result in disaster and come to life affects the size of avoiding some cases to avoid a panic attack. Otherwise, this is no longer a ‘disorder’ becomes.

biological predisposition is important in the development of the disease. However, many psychological factors and stressful life events and the continued emergence of the disease plays an important role … electronic age brings with it some drawbacks besides the benefits for society; This also reduces the negative social support system, especially in relationships, individuality to the forefront and people are more forces in coping with life problems and increased stress. Coping well be more stress and (to cope with the problem) to be less support for panic disorder (panic disorder tend to) be facilitating the emergence of the disease in susceptible individuals.

What are the main reasons for the increase in recent years?

Panic disorder is a disease known as psikiyatrlar easy. more awareness to the people about psychiatric disorders, also is disappearing prejudices about the mentally ill and diseases may have increased the person seeking help. Therefore psychiatrists are faced with more patients with panic disorder. Besides, the media is causing us to hear more about that in the name of the disease in this area in recent years.

What Causes Panic Attacks?

Bodily sensations of the ‘wrong’ as ‘felaketleştiric the’ form interpretation (cognitive model)
Prepping / presence of trigger factors (stressful life events, loss, separation anxiety and school phobia, parental characteristics, personality traits)
Why it is seen in more women?

compared to men with the women but for unknown reasons it is observed 2-3 times more. The incidence of depression is higher in women. Partly woman – is thought to be related to biological differences between men. The incidence of ethnic, social and cultural differences are not affected.

Typically, a patient Phases

The first attack
repetition of attacks
be constantly vigilant about the future of a new episode
not intense and constant concern about the attack may lead
The change of behaviors (avoidance, escape, search assistance, measures such as taking) → Agoraphobia
Patients put the first episode of “he had a heart attack” or “crazy that, it begins to lose its control” generally refers to an emergency room, thinking. There the examination, ECG taken, something not available in CT and other examination. Physicians are applied to the patient a sedative and “have nothing”, they make a statement as unsatisfactory. However, recurrent episodes of patient starts to think that a disease can not be diagnosed in itself. resumes are transported to the emergency room; reduced reliance on physicians, revealed financial losses. Patient passing a new attack and he’s dying of a heart attack with a swift, commit suicide, or by making strange behavior starts to live with the fear of losing control and being humiliated people. In the end, to go home alone to drive a car, besides drugs, resort to measures such as carrying water or alcohol.
What happened during panic attacks (rapid heart beat faster, shortness of breath, etc.) are not dangerous. transient systolic blood pressure may rise during panic attacks and tachycardia. These symptoms are not pathological, but leads away from the idea that a physical illness of patients not being able to.

Medical Conditions Possibly it has seen the symptoms of Panic Attacks
Thyroid diseases
Low blood sugar
Arrhythmias and some other heart diseases
Asthma and some other respiratory diseases
Menopause symptoms
Alcohol withdrawal
Some of the side effects of drugs or over-taking
Excessive caffeine (more than 3 cups of coffee a day)
What are the physical symptoms of panic attacks?
Palpitations, increased heart rate
Shortness of breath
Chest pain, discomfort in the chest
Going to fall, feeling like you might pass
Numbness, tingling
Chills, flushing
What are the mental symptoms of panic disorder?
Fear of death
feel that it is in a life-threatening
Crazy, insane fear
Fear of uncontrolled acts
inability to think
Or the environment itself has changed perceptions
Found escape rapidly from the environment, withdrawal request
How emerging physical and mental symptoms of panic disorder?
The main problem arises from the fear of anxiety-related brain centers. around the release of noradrenaline from both direct and adrenal cortisol secreted. The autonomic nervous system is notified so that the brain gives a false alarm and the body fulfills the requirements of this alarm.

What are the main ways of treatment?
The results of the research for the causes of panic disorder supports the view that a biological basis. Underlying determine susceptibility to the biological basis of disease. In the emergence of the disease and continue to play an important role in many psychological factors and stressful life events … Therefore, treatment and drugs are shown to be effective in panic disorder as well as some psychotherapy methods are used. especially the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy has been shown in various studies of psychotherapy. Studies show that most benefits provided by a combination of medication and psychotherapy.
to inform people about the causes and how the disease emerged is a part of the treatment should not be neglected.

What can you suggest to patients with panic attacks?

That can be recognized easily by panic disorder pskiyatrlar is a disease that can be achieved good results without adequate and appropriate treatment … patients, the nature of the disease because they avoid experiencing negative emotions such as awe and fear of panic attacks had preferred to continue their avoidance behavior they consider to prevent panic attacks migrate it and than cure It happens in less than expected … However, this attitude leads to further consolidation of the expectations that had a panic attack again actually makes them seem like a panic attack pass. vicious cycle occurs consequently. Avoidance of further increases, and ultimately increased twice as much negative impact on a person’s life. keep in mind the adversity and disease treatment promising results for patients when considering professional help is very useful in dealing with the disease and treatment is important to continue the search.

Patients with panic attacks, how can push peace plan back life to the disease?

If a person’s life in the process is not done the proper treatment of panic disorder it may become quite restricted. Patients are extremely afraid of the possible negative consequences of a panic attack and to spend a panic attack. Both have their bodily sensations, as well as panic attacks will lead to perceive the possibility of adverse consequences of an exaggerated, that they think would be a disaster if they experience panic attacks as a result. Therefore, they enter the quest to avert the disaster and develop various behaviors. For example, a person having a panic attack in a bus trying to prevent panic attacks live by riding the bus. After a while, the crowds and indoor environments such as shopping malls, likening the bus starts to go to these types of places. Then even the house to go anywhere alone begin to come out. Initially, panic attacks with avoidance behavior may seem deny the fact that increased spending many times the fear of panic attacks and prevent one side of life, to turn into a form that could have caused their responsibilities. We can find common ways to deal with the development of this kind do not work in patients with panic disorder. This situation has already caused to be added to the table of other psychiatric disorders such as depression in these individuals who are prone.

Panic disorder to cope with this disease because it is a disease and to prevent adverse effects on life to push aside ‘instead of looking for ways to deal with it and get professional help would be a more appropriate option.