n general the ‘acne’ we know the name of acne is the most common skin problems. You know about right and wrong with this problem are:

Acne in some parts of the body other than the face may also occur.
Although acne lesions occur in the face of more, but also the neck, shoulders, chest, scalp, buttocks rarely, can also occur in limbs.
Hormonal changes are one of the major causes of acne.
Acne is most prevalent in the period, the most intense period of physical and sexual development in adolescence under the influence of hormones. Besides the increase in premenstrual acne is a condition that often t. That women with menstrual irregularity of acne may require hormonal examination.
Some foods make acne.
Scientific research shows that there is an interest in nutrition and acne. Chips, cola, has no effect on acne formation in foods such as beans. But do not forget that a healthy and balanced diet is the truth.
Acne can cause permanent scars and blemishes squeeze.
Acne can cause inflammation and to leave permanent scars squeeze deeper to spread. Your acne on your hands every time you come to your mind.
Acne occurs only during adolescence.
Acne, adolescence, although seen as experiencing the most significant changes related to hormone most often during adolescence may continue into adulthood or may occur in adult patients without acne problem.
Acne is caused by the cleaning of the skin.
acne skin cleansing is not available but does not cause a negative impact on the formation of acne.
Acne is a contagious disease.
Acne, although the role of bacteria in the formation is not a contagious infectious disease. Touching a face with acne or acne use an article woven into a zone does not cause acne infection.
Makeup worsen acne.
Some makeup products can aggravate acne. Choose fat-free products if you need to use bold and do not cover up!
Acne is a temporary problem, it does not require treatment.
Acne can now result in some young adolescence. However, during this time the adolescent can affect the social and psychological development and can cause scars that sometimes carry a lifetime. Therefore, to apply a skin disease that can be controlled with treatment for your acne problem and provide treatment would be the best decision together. You need time to get your acne under control. Acne treatments can take weeks or months, periodic treatments may be necessary, be patient!

Skin Diseases Working Group