uzm-dr-ulku-keldal_0736cÜlkü Keldal M.D.
Child Development and Education Specialist

Service Point: Academic Hospital
Service Departmentr: Child Development and Education
Telephone: 444 0 353

Areas of Interest
Child Development implements tests, IQ tests are applied, the development of children and families are consulted on education, makes guidance and advice on issues that might be found in newborns. The growth and development of babies (social / cognitive / communication and physical) related advice and guidance .Gelişim and age-appropriate games and guidance regarding guidance and counseling .Kardeş jealousy with selection of toys and consulting .Uyk layout, to gain their eating patterns and toilet skills .Veriml course work related to guidance and counseling methods … multiple intelligences to work according to the children’s capabilities. It does consulting work related to delayed language and speech sessions. It makes counseling sessions and work-related behavioral disorders. Learning difficulties (disorder) makes related consulting and work sessions. (Dyslexia, disgraf a). with children with special educational needs (pervasive development disorder, Cerabral palsy, intellectual disabilities) and advises session. Attention makes tests and studies related to the lack of (visual, auditory and visual perception, visual memory works) makes child sexual identity period features advice and guidance about the attitudes and behavior need to be appropriate attention. Play therapy does work (divorced family children, children who experience violence, children who have compliance and behavior disorders, impulse control disorders in children, children do not communicate) takes an active role in the risk of infant and child care. And conducts development work supportive audience. Premature birth, especially socially disadvantaged environment to determine risk factors that threaten the development of children up to the family to determine the protective and preventive programs will follow. Outstanding and special talent, with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, language, speech, vision, hearing, orthopedic, neurological, genetic, psychiatric, metabolic disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, prepare development support program based on children’s needs for emotional and behavioral disorders. It makes developmental and psychometric measurements. Developmental viable home / institution / school-based programs to prepare application makes the impressions. Advice and guidance on the age of the child begins school, pediatricians, child and adolescent psychiatrists and neurologists to work in partnership with children.