Academic Hospital Pathology Laboratory offers services in identification of causes, diagnosis and factors affecting prognosis of various diseases and cancers through multidisciplinary works and studies by expert academic physicians.

Definitive diagnosis of cancers and other diseases are made after testing tissues or fluids collected from patients at pathology laboratories.

Pathology laboratory examines small tissue samples collected from tissues or organs (biopsy), bodily fluids (pectoral fluid, pericardial fluid, abdominal fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.), smear samples (vaginal smear, etc.) or surgically removed organs to diagnose diseases.

In special cases, surgically removed tissues are urgently tested and the physician is duly informed.

In other cases, the pathology report Is concluded within 2-4 days depending on the specifications of the tissue and relevant test.

We are proud to ensure that your physician makes the best treatment decision on the basis of the most accurate and definitive diagnosis of your disease by our Pathologists.