An important part of the most common diseases in children is the specialty of Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases. At the top of this list is the research on long-term coughs and wheezing. Asthma in childhood is not recognized in our country. Unnecessary asthma treatment is given to some patients. If your child’s cough lasts for 3 weeks or more after infection, and she has recurrent wheezing, she should be evaluated by pediatric pulmonary diseases. Especially children who have more than one episode of pneumonia should be evaluated for respiratory tract sensitivity and chronic lung disease.

If your child has complaints from birth, it is important to examine your child’s respiratory tract for diseases. Cystic fibrosis in these children is a very important disease to diagnose early.

Foreign body aspirations are frequently seen in children in our country. It is very important to keep children younger than 3 years away from dry nuts, especially when the swallowing reflex is not fully developed. If your child’s complaint suddenly develops, they need to be carefully assessed.

Tuberculosis is still an important problem for children in our country.

After children with recurrent respiratory complaints are evaluated by a specialist at Academic Hospital, allergy tests, radiological imaging (chest X-ray and computerized tomography) and bronchoscopy, if necessary, are planned. If your child is asked for a CT scan, an expert opinion must be obtained prior to this examination that gives out very intense dose of radiation.