Nowadays people are healthy, we can see that young and look good target.

Many people are trying to look healthy, young and beautful. The people who try to look good also want to get rid of unwanted hair.
Since ancient times, humans have tried various methods to remove unwanted hair.

Methods such as shaving, chemical substances, tweezers or wax only offer temporary solutions. With the technological developments, these methods have also diversified.

Diode Laser is the fastest and healthiest way of removing unwanted hair.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Now is the time to refresh your skin!

If you have blemishes on your skin or adverse weather, makeup or stress have worn out your skin, you may need professional care to make your skin breathe and refresh itself.

Academic Hospital Aesthetic Center performs necessary analyses for yur skin and offers the best solutions for your skin type and problem.

In skin care, professional products containing vitamins and antioxidants are used to balance the moisture ratio of the skin and protect it from acne and external factors.

  • Skin care regimen
  • Deep Anti-Aging
  • Protection and care for youth and vitality
  • Blanching sunspots, ensuring equal skin color distribution (Perfection White Expertise)
  • Hydrotherapy for tired and sensitive skin
  • Reshaping the facial contour
  • Skin tightening and lipolytic effect
  • Care for sensitive eyes, lips and neckline
  • Vitamin E skin