What is a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy, hollowed-out is a flexible instrument called a colonoscope examination of the large intestine is an organ. Colonoscopy bowel non-printed, abnormalities of the intestinal wall and allows us to obtain information about the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. A colonoscopy is the most sensitive method that displays the duodenum. This examination are diagnosed with both, as well as the treatment is done.


What should you do before the colonoscopy?

This process is essential for a clear liquid diet the day before use. Thus ensuring cleanliness bowel becomes intestinal mucosa appears.


Is colon cancer can be preventable?

Colon cancer is a cancer can be prevented. If you make a colonoscopy once in the 45 years you will not be very likely for life colon cancer.


Colonoscopy is a painful process.

Colonoscopy does not want to make it known to people as a painful procedure. Yet for years no longer applied colonoscopy is completely painless. Close-up colonoscopy was done when the effects of the different drugs made from blood vessels. This drug aches and pains were reduced substantially. Patients were still create a lack of comfort. Today, however, in recent times, thanks to the changes and development of new drugs with the colonoscopy, no pain or patient does not feel pain during the procedure. In addition, the processing time has been reduced to 15-20 minutes. drugs that are being implemented are significant advantages in terms of safety and comfort. In particular, it provides an important contribution to relieve the distress of the patients about pain. After a short time the transaction, patients are becoming go home.

Patients with pain or fear of pain can hear they are very comfortable with this method colonoscopy.

Professor Dr. Erol AVŞAR