What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a decrease in the change of structure of bones and break easily make between gelmesidir.halk “osteoporosis” is known as.

Naturally, osteoporosis, age related emerges as a problem. be prepared to old age, of all the health problems that may be encountered in the course of this period, and they located between osteoporosis ensures the bypassed at least negativity. It is not only when faced with a problem, it is possible to make the right choices at every stage of life.

It characterized by low bone mass and increased risk of fractures. every 30 seconds a person dies in the European Union as a result of hip fractures due to osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, unless the cause fractures “silent” disease is characterized. Therefore it called silent thief.

nowadays an increasingly elderly population fractures caused by osteoporosis has become a serious public health problem that leads to disability and death.

A strong bone structure in order to have the right choice to be made at the beginning of the diet income.

All the increase in the elderly population in our country as well as in the world, has affected more people going past unnoticed and impair the quality of life due to osteoporosis fractures caused.

Osteoporosis How to Develop?

structure and functioning of all organs such as the bone is concerned with the correct feed. Osteoporosis is a result also revealed that the deviation of proper nutrition. This race, age, gender, various diseases, drug use, alcohol factors triggers such as smoking habits.

Bone continually renews itself made demolished is a body healing.

When I was young bone formation and resorption of being equal, the age is more than the production and destruction of bone mass decreases.

Women in the estrogen hormone that prevents bone destruction, when this hormone decreases after menopause, bone resorption is increased.

Childhood and young adulthood can not get enough calcium, bone mass will be less if exposed to enough sunlight.
inheritance of developing osteoporosis is also important.

Effects of Menopause What is it?

The effect of different women for osteoporosis, menopause occurs. Postmenopausal osteoporosis parallel to change the balance of the body is seen.

However, osteoporosis in menopausal not take the same extent. In this case the body creates balance renewing itself.
Some measures and treatment in and prior to this process also affects osteoporosis

According to the data of relationship-menopausal osteoporosis:

  • In the first 5 years of menopause, bone loss occurs in most levels.
  • In the following years it will continue decreasing bone resorption.
  • Depending on several factors may increase the risk of osteoporosis.
    Those who received surgery ovaries,
  • Receiving hormone therapy in younger women,
  • Entering early menopause,
  • osteoporosis in patients is high.

Osteoporosis Loss What’s Next?

Bone resorption, reduces the resistance of the bone as indicated in the definition of the disease. Consequently:

  • Osteoporosis makes bones break easily.
  • Predispose to easily break a hip or vertebra.
  • Shortening the neck,
  • to stoop,
  • Back pains,
  • The change in shape of the rib cage,
  • It causes contraction of breast volume.
  • Shrunken chest heart and prevents the lungs of normal operation.
  • Hip fractures require surgery and boiling the bone is difficult.

patients unable to walk, this process being dependent on the bone resorption and inactivity results of further
It leads to the increase. Injured accepted.

Do You Have Osteoporosis?

readily determined whether osteoporosis. The backstroke is uzanıl for the body passed a special device to control. This process takes 10-15 minutes. Any pain or discomfort is felt.

Osteoporosis Facilitating Factors

Low estrogen in women,
Testosterone levels in male hormone,
Low body weight and short stature,
Calcium and vitamin D deficiency (to see the sun)
Over-caffeinated drinks, alcohol and cigarettes,
Still life of
Some medications (corticosteroids, epilepsy drugs)
Some diseases (renal, liver, intestine, bone marrow, and hormonal rheumatic diseases),
They act as facilitator osteoporosis.

What is the relationship of smoking with osteoporosis?

Do not put your life in terms of health cigarette.
Non-toxic to bone-forming cells and bone resorption.
Osteoporosis is proportional to the amount of smoking and lifetime.
Smoking (cigars) will be in the interior of menopause earlier than women.

to retard osteoporosis, exercise is effective in some cases to reduce the angle stop. as well as physical activity increases muscle strength and bone mass. bone mass, muscle mass along with the still bedridden person or decreases. In light of this, it is important to be in a certain movement health at any age. However, this activity should become a regular habit over 50 years of age.
What type of exercise will be done on physicians to get advice. “I have a bone resorption exercise I do,” they may give false results to move even dangerous consequences.

The Importance of Calcium What is it?

the strength of the bone structure is directly related with calcium. met with the food we eat, our body needs calcium.
Food can also be taken as the drug it is unable to meet this need.
Milk and dairy products are high in calcium content.
Every day should be consumed in certain amounts.
Older people can not be fed daily as calcium medicine good one – should be taken as 1.5 grams.
Taken orally it has no effect on renal calcium stone formation.
Vitamin D Important Is Osteoporosis?

Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium from the intestine.
Vitamin D is present in our skin ineffective, it becomes effective with the sun’s rays.
It would be enough vitamin D from sunlight and can be absorbed in the intestine than calcium.
In some countries, women are deprived of what they need to cover every part of the body as a result of sunlight; This leads to too early in osteoporosis and pain.
The results do not come home even easier for the elderly osteoporosis deprived of the sun.

Osteoporosis is it only women’s disease?

Osteoporosis is a common health problem for women only. Males can be seen. This may also occur as a result of some disease may occur due to old age. Male hormone protects against bone resorption. However, although there are osteoporosis in 10% of men under 60 years old. And after 65 years as the risk for women.

Can the treatment of those returned to normal bone with osteoporosis diagnosed?

Osteoporotic bones, may not always be fully returned to normal with the current treatment, but the treatment can be stopped with the inevitable loss of bone.
Sometimes it provided in an amount of bone mass increase.

What should we do for the future osteoporotic Not to be?

Beginning in childhood, calcium-rich diet should be implemented.
Menopause and old age should be taken in addition to dietary calcium.
Vegetable proteins should be preferred.
Walking, exit stairs as exercise should be done.
It should not refrain from carrying weights that could allow health.
On sunny days, the skin should be provided to see the sun outdoors. (To take advantage of the sun’s body lay for hours under the sun is not burning the skin.)
Smoking, alcohol, caffeinated beverages and avoid drugs that increase bone destruction.
diseases affecting bone metabolism should be early and appropriate treatment.

Nowadays the needs of each individual’s calcium and vitamin D supplements
The amount of calcium in the Western-style diet (600mg / day) could provide the bone mass peak bone mass is not at the level that can stabilized.
Studies indicate that over the proposal of needs.

Recommended Daily Calcium Intake

9 – 18 Yaş 1300 mg
18 – 50 Yaş 1000 mg
51 – 70 Yaş 1200 mg
> 71 Yaş 1200 mg
postmenapozal 1300 mg
3-4 days a week for 15 minutes with the face and hands of vitamin D sufficient contact with sunlight to sağlar.yaşl vitamin D increases the need.
The recommended daily dose of vitamin D in adults: 800 IU.

Calcium content of food

1 cup milk 250 mg
1 cup yogurt 250 mg
50 gr cheese 300 mg
2 spoon coocked spinach 120 mg
2 spoon broccoli 47 mg
1 orange 52 mg
1 glass orange juice 300 mg
1 hamburger bread 58 mg

Aklınızda bulunsun

Süt güneş, A.Ş.
Kemiklerin Güçlü Olması Için Kalsiyum gereklidir. Kalsiyumun emilimi de D vitamini Sağlar. Kalsiyum Için süt sütlü gıdalar ettik, D vitamini Için güneş ışığı almak yararlıdır.

sekil bozukluğu
Kemik yoğunluğunun azalması vücudumuzda Bulunan dikey konumdaki kemikleri küçültür. Bu da bacakta, omurgada, kaburgada sekil bozukluklarına neden Olabilir.

Çağın hastalığı
Osteoporoza “çağın hastalığı” deniliyor. Çünkü, hastalık yaşla Ortaya çıkıyor. Çağımızda insan ömrü uzadığı Için kemik erimesi ciddi Bir sorun oluyor.

Güneşin ölçüsü
Vücudun güneş ışınlarına Olan İhtiyacı, bronzlaşma Amaçlı güneşte kavrulma ile karıştırılmamalıdır. Güneşte yanmanın vücuda Bir yararı yoktur.

hormon dengesi
Hormon değişikliğine neden Olan menopoz gibi dönemler A.Ş. Bazi hastalıklar osteoporozu hızlandırır. 45 yaş sonrası kemik yoğunluğunun izlenmesi Uygun olur.

Hareket, onun Döneminde yararlıdır Yaşamın. Yakın Yerlere GİTMEK İÇİN yürümeyi 3’üncü ettik, 4’üncü katlara asansör kullanmadan çıkmayı Tercih Ediniz.