Cataract and cataract surgery complications

FAKOT intra-ocular lens implantation

Pediatric cataract surgery

Complications during and after cataract surgery

Lens falling in the eye socket during surgery

Implanted lens falling into the eye socket or displaced lens

Cataract surgery after vitrectomy

Eye surgery in cases where the ligaments connecting the eye lens are weak

Insertion of secondary eye lens

Implantation of sutured eye lens where the original eye lens is not present

Our clinic has vast experience in classival cataract surgery, as well as in surgical procedures for complicated and challenging cases.

All these procedures are implemented successfully.

Diseases and surgery of retina, macula and viterus

Today, there are many indications for vitrectomy application:

The most important application causes 
Diabetic Retinopathy 
Viterus bleeding 

Macular pucker
Retinal detachment

Lens retention in the eye after cataract surgery, infection. The implanted lens into the eye falls into the eye hole.

These operations are successfully performed in our clinic.

Glaucoma Surgery
Trabeculectomy procedure in patients resistant to medical treatment. Endocyclophotoagulation and seton implantation are successfully implemented with vitro-retinal surgical methods in the event of uncontrolled increase in inctraocular pressure due to new vein formation and bleeding related to intraocular pathologies

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